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14 hours ago, G O B said:

What an inflated EGO. Call a boy out for  a rude post, and he goes full Hillary.

Tells us exactly who you are.


Your are in full on retard mood


I'm a 50 year old Marine Combat Veteran who still works as and Aircraft Electrician on F-35s and have been a conservative since I was old enough to know Carter was an idiot.


BTW "GOCB" ryhymes with "Bumpy Bold Bunt Bag".   If you're too old to figure it out as the male nurse that changes your diapers to explain it to you the next time he's wiping your ass



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Some how Boba I do not think G.O.B really cares.

If your 50 and a Marine this should roll of your back like a light rain.

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mil better plan well so those shiny lil airplanes dont get wadded up like aluminum foil over there!


as far as "whats it worth threads", kinda irrelevant, as local economy is what dictates it... i prefer to list local so i dont have to ship etc, plus the face to face bsing is so much better, i getta big wad-o-cash, they get new toy and vice versus...


now, what i dont like is ripping off fellow gun brother folks.   or mainly, buyin stuff cheap from "friends" and then reselling it at a high price... 

doesnt sound like you were doing that, seems like the price was high back then, and hasnt appreciated enough to be worth it to sell for me....


i think the threats from grumpy arent really welcome though guys, thats a big nono?


im all for mutual combat being legal, but i dont wanna be party with crazys driving across country to sabotage cars/houses/boats etc...

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