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going price for 7N6

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I notice that 7N6 has dried up everywhere, but I still have a fair amount of it, and am thinking to get out of 5.45. What would be a reasonable price?

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Seems like it is going for about $250 a can on gunbroker. The issue is going to be shipping it.


Basically it is just slightly more expensive than .223 steel case... Most of the guys that bought it stacked it pretty deep, which is why even after several years it is still around in quantity. Eventually it will become rare, but I doubt it will gain in price like 7.62x39 steel core, which was going for 50 cents to $1 a round within 10 years of the ban, at the same time regular ball ammo was selling for 10 cents a round.. It has already been four years and 7n6 has gone from 17 cents to about 24 cents a round... Whoop de doo.


If it gets to around 30 cents to 50 cents around I got a bunch to get rid of.


A round that has been quietly spiking is 7.62x54r, seems like it went from 15 cents to around 40-60

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