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I've been involved in youtube for a while, and more importantly, I am very concerned about the power of very few companies to control access to business and ideas.

I think googletube which is the second largest search engine, owned by the first is genuinely more powerful than many nations, and pretty much any political party you can name. I also think it is blind to it's hypocrisy and to it's own blind spots. Not that some of their management isn't knowingly exploiting their power...

Anyway, if you want to turn of the outrage and get a level headed understanding of some recent trends, I think this video goes a long way towards understanding the situation.

If you can spare a few minutes to listen, and keep an eye on his visuals, I think this would make a good discussion. Please watch through it, because a skim of the first couple minutes will not give you the full perspective.


Long term, I think the ability to control the discussion and marginalize/hide ideas and companies which are unfavored is probably going to have more impact than any current wins or losses of particular political fights.

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YouTube is in a transition they are dumping a lot of controversial material guns, pot smokers, conservative people

But we always need to realize for the most part people making content for their channels are making money.

It is about the money, some of these people make a very good living doing this.

I have developed and run 2 websites that can upload video, but the problem is why would I want to do that for others if it is on my dime.

Because it is my dime it is also my data. in other word there is no incentive to let others share their material for free.

Why not have the gun and ammo producers set up and sponsor a gun tube. The NRA can and should be a part of it.

However, I do not see this going anywhere unless the content producers are compensated.


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It is a mixed bag of both. They are a corporation driven by profits, with decisions made by ideologically motivated management. Google/youtube is a bogeyman, because they can and do filter what information gets wide access, and what doesn't. They really do have the power to strangle businesses, and swing elections, and they have already done so. Google /YT is the first and second largest search engine, and between them have nearly 90% market share. They have a monopoly way bigger and more critical than any business that has ever been attacked on Sherman Anti Trust grounds.

As for the claim that most content creators are making money- not really. It might have been true 3 years ago, but it isn't now. A lot of people dropped out after the adpocalypse, because it cost more to make even halfway decent production value content than they earned. Also the predictability of earnings disappeared. People sunk a lot of money into producing content, expecting returns on that, and are out. These weren't pipe dreams, they were earnings that they had been getting for a while and became dependent on.

Now there are a very few at the top who get a bigger boost, and the bulk are unpaid. That means that the majority of producers, who used to use YT money or fan patronage to subsidize content made at a slight loss, now are at a big loss. Those who were able to replace their day job with YT, and work at it full time have had the choice to either step way up and must constantly beg for Patreon donors, etc. or they must dial way back to chat level production.

It isn't just gun people. It's also hit anyone who did long format anything. YT now favors recency in their algorithms rather than quality content that people will watch all the way through or come back to. So if you spend months or years to make a very good quality video, paying editors, acquiring rights to images and music, there's a very real chance that you never recoup that expense.

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That's a nice goal, but it is almost useless if the search engines ignore or hide it.

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I don't think I know what  "gun webs" means. Can you expound?

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I think gun manufacturers, ammo , sporting good stores …..  their webs could be setup as a network for commerce and information.

This would take the place of face book and give money from company's  to the video producers.

Face book makes its money advertising .  A gun face book would do the same.

Face book is a web site for money. Someone is going to do this. and there has to be the same personal account features that face book has.

What is out there now may be part of a bigger deal

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its would be very difficult for a "GunBook" to get off the ground floor and excel as fbook did, gun related business's already have difficulty accepting financial obligations in a business transaction the banks are creating political policy!!

the opposition not only owns the search engines that will deny an opposing view AS THEY ARE NOW .........but the social programing of our countries useful idiots has already been accomplished!


idiot group think now prevails and WHY we we have an electoral college....this is also why the lefty leaders of the idiot group wants to abolish the electoral college

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I think the gun industry has solved their bank issues as a lot of guns are being made and sold

search engines are no different now than they were yesterday. Its not that they will deny because they can .

Its if they do ,they will be challenged  as they have always been. The web does not restrict porn , because they cannot restrict it.

As for the electoral college , they want to get ride of it when it benefits them. They think that it can be changed in a simple way.

It need a amendment  to the constitution , a very long process.

good post



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