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help,looking for SAIGA 20 mags

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On 7/20/2018 at 10:40 AM, derbrererd said:

Everyone is waiting for csspecs to finish making some. You can check the website at:


There's also some 8 round 3" mags on gunbroker, but its highway robbery. Sometimes you can find a transparent 13 rounder there.

I realized I had not updated the page in some time. Magazines are at heat treatment and have been for about two and a half weeks. Should be ready inside of the next few weeks. Springs are on order and should arrive around the same time as the magazines.. Springs used are a slightly shortened AK-47 magazines spring. So if you want extras in the future they are easy to come by.

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I'd say a key to the Saiga-20 gauge working correctly is getting shell that is front heavy enough.. A lot of 20 gauge hulls are much more back heavy than comparable 12 gauge hulls which results in very poor ejection.. I'm currently of the opinion that Russian ammo is slightly differently shaped, which could explain the lack of reliability that the 20ga shotguns tend to have even with factory magazines. 
I think we finally got it right on the new model.


This is a set of older videos from 2011 that I put together just now.. The video is kinda low quality but you have to understand that the camera was pretty cutting edge back then..

The videos show why some shells eject poorly. The shotgun holds one side of the rim while the stationary ejector is impacted by the reward traveling bolt. The shell rotates, striking the receiver top cover, shells that eject poorly are generally thinner and are back heavy, the result is a shell that does not have enough forward mass to rotate the back half out of the gun before the action closes.

Increasing gas flow can help, but using a hull that is thicker can help a LOT..



Just got word that the new magazines are ready for pickup... Springs are not done yet.

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