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12 round magazines

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I have some MONARCH 1345 FPS buckshot that they claim is 2 3/4 shells but they are longer than 2 3/4. they get stuck in the magazine. I have some 2 3/4 shells that's 1220 fps I'm going to see if they work good

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Finally got a chance to try these out. The magazines function flawlessly. As for Remington shells, the Express Long Range worked almost perfectly, with one stovepipe out of 50 shots. The Remington Game Loads stovepipe every time, just like any Federal 2-3/4" shell.

So, I think there is something to csspecs' theory about hull weight, but it isn't the only factor, as both types of Remington shells appear to have the same amount of plastic.

My gun has not had any additional drilling done to the barrel, just a polished bolt.

Anyway, I'm pretty exited to have these magazines and shells that work with them.

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I have put a lighter return spring in my gun and the bolt doesn't seem to close all the way. I installed the factory spring. I need to go back and try it. if I cant get it to work right now im going to take it to a shop to see if the gas ports are the right size. I think I have already done it but not sure.

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What video says they should not move? This batch was done as more of a "universal fit" which means that we opted for factory magazine -.010" so they are going to have a little wiggle in some guns.. To few people could operate a metal file to sell them as fitting tightly.

The amount of movement present in the video will not cause function issues, the amount the magazine is actually moving in the shotgun is significantly less than it is at the bottom of the magazine.. From years of past posts I am aware that your 20 gauge has not been exactly been the most reliable. To me is seems like something is not right with the shotgun itself. The front of the bolt carrier extension broke off, that sounds like it is over gassed, but also that you are not getting ejection is strange.

If you are having failures to load a clear picture of the actual failure, with the ammo types would be very helpful.. Good lighting is helpful also because I am trying to see interactions of small parts inside the gun to figure out the failure..

It is good practice to use a metal pick of sorts to clean the gas ports in the barrel.. They can foul with certain types of ammo fairly quickly.

Also what magazine and ammo combination have you found to be reliable?

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