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Short shell reloads

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Anyone have data on reloading the Aguila minishells (`1-3/4") with smokeless?

...or cutting down hills to duplicate them?


Yeah, I know.. box mag fed gun.....yada yada yada.


These are for competition in a double that doesn't like shucking full length shells. I may load up some roll crimped shells using BP and 3/4 oz of shot and see how they work.

(Let's keep this to the subject please, and not go off on tangents. This is about reloading a specialty shell, not why, or any other reason.)

(I'll bet someone shits on this by the 3rd post.)

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Haven't done it personally, but read up on it.

I assume SASS?

I've heard the same is true for the original winchester 1895 lever action shotguns. They want hulls that are a shade short.

You are giving up the pattern benefits of the wad, unless you aren't going full short. That's my suggestion. There is actual load data for 2 5/8" British shotshells.  i.e. these https://www.aerostaroutdoors    

/product/f2-subsound-12-gauge-1oz-7-5shot-1082fps-250-rounds/  (Link broken on purpose, just in case a forum vendor sells something similar.) 

Also, if you base your load off of standard AA12 data, but then use the claybuster clone of the winchester red wad, you are probably  in the right neighborhood. It's basically the same wad, but with a shorter leg section. 

How much would you have to chop off to get your clean shucking? That's the length I would go for.

Also, probably cleaner with a straight wall hull, as much as I like the gun club hull for most things. You could get some of the smooth style plastic federal gold medal hulls and probably get enough loads out of them to justify the effort in cutting down. Plus really good crimps. Otherwise, maybe work up a soft load from cheddite or fiochi hulls? 

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Some folks are reaming chambers out to 11ga to get a speedy shuck. That's stupid, and dangerous.

I can get what I want by cleaning Rem Premier hulls thoroughly after loading and wiping down with a bit of Meguiar's Interior Detailer. 

I'm running a standard 1 1/8 oz target load when I load smokeless. They eject just fine.

The issue is my Holy Black load. 110gr 1F a fiber cushion, and 1oz shot buffered with white flour behind a fold crimp.

Yes, it's LOUD AS HELL with a huge concussion from the flour detonating in front of the muzzle, but it's a hoot to shoot!

You should see the FLASH! at  night.


I've decided to shelve the experiment for now. I like my fuel/air boomers the best.


Thanks for your input GF. :)

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Glad to help. I think the FGM hull is the best plastic, but the "mid" brass might have a little more drag than the REM STS/Nitro style low brass. I think those might be what I would use for your project. Cut them down. IIRC those survive the most loadings for the people inclined to waste their time wearing out shells.

That would mean that they are probably also most resistant to black powder scorching, and therefore most likely to save you trimming operations. Plus the gold color of the STS flavor kinda looks like the traditional brass, so that fits your theme a little better.

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