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Clone comparison

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I have started testing both the Kalashnikov USA KS-12 and the SDS Lynx. Both are new, 100% factory, and no work has been done. Basically, I am doing this to get to the bottom of whether these clones are viable candidates for custom work. So far, in brief inspection and preliminary testing things look good. Considering custom work, the main things I will be concerned with will be durability and reliability potential, not so much how they are equipped or how they may deviate from the Saiga-12.

Initial pros and cons, in my opinion... (much of this wouldn't matter if work is being done, some is based on preference)

KS-12 Pros:

Build quality is very high and is very true to the original in the main aspects

As it is equipped, it looks proper and furniture is decent for OEM. There would be nothing wrong with leaving it as-is, IMO

Action feels great for straight out of the box

Doesn't need any work to run reliably with weak loads while using non-drum mags

KS-12 Cons:

I do not like the absence of a BHO lever. This is about manual of arms more than function. The selector BHO works, but it makes the user deviate from the standard Saiga-12 manual of arms. I prefer a BHO lever.


Lynx Pros:

It has a proper BHO lever and the manual of arms is just like home to me

Doesn't need any work to run reliably with weak loads while using non-drum mags

Build quality is good, especially for the current price point

It is a fairly close clone compared to other offerings manufactured in China

Price point is great

Lynx Cons:

Action is a little sticky and semi-rough, but things could be done to improve it

The traditional AK grip is a bit narrow for use on a shotgun and most people will want to swap it out.



Initial testing has been limited to simply figuring out what they will run with stock mags and drum mags. 

- Both run reliably with loads down to Winchester AA 1145 fps 1-1/8 oz 2-3/4 dram in box mags. Yes,  Federal and Winchester bulk pack too.

- Both run reliably with loads down to Federal Multi-purpose 1200 fps 1-1/8 oz 3 dram in MD-20 drums

- The KS-12 will run Winchester Universal 1200 fps 1-1/8 oz 3 dram in MD-20 drums. The Lynx was about 50% reliable after the first 5 or so rounds are out of the drum.


Now that I know what they will both run in drums as a minimum baseline load I can order some bulk ammo and start testing with video documentation. I will work up to firing stronger loads in the latter part of the testing and box mags will be used for that. Time is not something that I have a surplus of so this will take some weeks. I'll compile video when I have run a thousand or so rounds through each and post it. I will also be documenting any parts failure or decrease is reliability that is related to wear. Both weapons will be field stripped, cleaned, and lubricated before any more testing is done. Thus far, they have been tested as-is straight out of the box and I have to say that I am impressed with both.






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how many ports and what size? cast or forged bolt/carrier?


i have a turk bullpup i just posted about over in Gen .dis., im not sure what i think about it.... i like the veprs LRBHO....



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Haven't looked. No time for it. I had to do what little bit of testing I did in a hurry. This week is really busy too. I would guess that they had the equivalent of 5 @ 0.08" like the Vepr 12. Feels like it. I am hoping the Lynx doesn't have one giant port. If it does that would be a great excuse to move the gas system ;)

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This will be worth following for sure!


If you haven't done so, this would probably be a good time to mic various dimensions of parts that take pressure or impact to be able to measure any deformation. It might be worth putting a couple punch marks or scribes in to measure from on some of the wonkier shapes on the bolt head, and trunion.

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