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with all the extras listed - was I over the board? I was really hoping to sell it. Woke up to a very disappointing "no bids" - for a shotgun with these mags/drums and case, brand-spanking-new, with practically none like that ever showing up there - was I excessive asking $1499? And will a $100 drop make a difference? Please advise. It's not that I want to sell - I must. And I know how much I've put in, so I'm not trying to make profits here, just break even.


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Well, I paid $499 for mine without all the extra mags. That was about 10 years ago. Not sure I'd pay much more than that now. You may be better off selling the mags separate, and trying to recoup what you paid for the gun alone. I'm sure there are some here that may bite with the right bait. Good luck.

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$1100 tops, yes, even with the mags and case. Now that the KS-12 and the Lynx are available the Saiga-12 and Vepr-12 prices have softened considerably and S12s are seen for as low as $600-700 with nothing stupid done to them. Had you listed right after the bad news for the Vepr-12 (Molot being legally absorbed by Concern) and before the KS-12 and Lynx releases you would have gotten $1500 for that. Your timing just isn't good. Sell it for less or withdraw it and wait for some bad news to happen and relist.

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I am sad to say I sold "Betty Bucker" our, (my) 9.22r legal Saiga 12.  Had over $1500 bucks in it plus the fun of converting.  Lots of mags and drums.  New Eoteck. (sp)  Sold her for $1000 bucks and was happy to get that.   I would take what I could get.  Just me.


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