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Capt Nemo

Popped a cherry today!

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Just made my nephew a new gun owner!  I wanted to build up an AR with him, but he would rather have a rifle first, and then learn about it.  So I went half on it as his Christmas/birthday present.  He went with a Bushmaster for $534 with red dot included.  I let him do the paperwork.



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IMHO he would have learned a lot more about his rifle if he built it (with your help) from scratch, but I know your proud, and every new gun owner is another warrrior for those (our) rights. Thank you for being an influence to the next generation.

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Well, he does want to run multiple calibers, and possible rifle length, so he'll be learning.  Plus I picked up a bunch of Anderson lowers to beat any bans.  I'll let him build one or two of them up.  He read the military M16A1 maintenance manual last night while looking over my Colt SP1 and M4.

With potential weapons bans in the house and senate, it's probably wise to get any newbies into full weapons right away.  Spent another $130 on 10 PMAG's for him.

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Took him out to shoot it yesterday....He loves it!  Our accuracy sucked, as we were shooting toward a setting sun, and it was quite hard to see the bullseye, but hits showed up really well.

He likes my SP1 even more!  I've created a monster!

He likes the old school look over the new M4's, and also the sound.  I was even amazed at the difference in blast and signature between the barrel lengths.  The 20" barrel makes a lot larger and lower frequency blast than the 16".  Tommy the Commie (military E type target) didn't survive very long after we got sighted in, and started mag dumping on him.

And today, he got to learn how to clean it and function check it.

Lost one of my aluminum mags during the shoot.  Jams up every other round.  It's an old Cooper Industries.  The Magpul's ran without a hitch.

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