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What is a drop in trigger? 

And no, the factory unconverted FCG doesn't lend itself well to being modified, unless the modifications result in a full rear conversion. 


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I'm not sure I see the point of a $200+ CMC or $300 Elftman drop in trigger over a Tapco G2 for $45 or an ALG for $90. Take apart your gun, convert it and learn about the AK fire control group. It's not that difficult.

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I am not an AK VS AR guy, but the inherent design of the AK trigger is substantially better than an AR trigger. AR puts all the critical surfaces at the pivot point for peak leverage and friction, and AK sticks them at the end of the lever, where you can have a strong hold with the effects of springs and imperfections minimized.

No matter how good the steel is and the fitting at the sear engagement, a conventional AR trigger has to be heavier and rougher than an AK trigger with the same quality at the engagement point. Put your friction at the long end of the lever, like an AK, not at the fulcrum like an AR.

There was room in the AR receiver to do the latter design, and it is better. Larue for example does this to a degree. They got the sear about half way down the lever. If you use a Larue trigger, they are really good, and that's because they relocated the sear ledge from the front of the hammer by the pivot, to basically where the disconnector normally lives. Simple leverage. 




My point is, that sticking an AR trigger into an AK is backward. Putting a good AK trigger in is better. A lot better, just from physics. If you really want the nicest trigger, go find the red star arms AK trigger, and carefully follow the install instructions in the exact order they tell you to. It will put any drop in AR trigger to shame.


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