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anyone know?  i bought a magpul pistol grip for ak that day, and i joke thats what killd him.  i bought the grip at 2;23 central time, but i wonder if anyone has seen a death cert etc that gives more info??




i read the book, so its all in jest, for the most part, but still funny!

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Do I need to post that picture of the late Mickey K beaming proudly while holding an AK 12 variant covered in CAA stuff?

It's american combloc snobs who hold those views, not Russians, and not the Izmash people. They changed and accessorized all the time and still do. 

Seriously, AK purists are worse than weebs, in some ways.

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I don't know what the fuck a "weeb" is, or who the fuck 'Mickey K' is, but i agree about AK purist snobs. They can be all about eating their own.


What do you want to know his time of death for? I don't really follow what the OP is about.

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I don't think he would have minded, is the basic point. He seemed to be fine with some pretty cheezy quality add ons on his rifles.

If you compare Zenitco, to magpul, I think you were closer to original concept anyway.

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