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Recoil Pad Recommendation.

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I have a very strong recommendation. KickEeez makes the best recoil pads. They are made from a special rubbery stuff that is non-newtonian. It is hard normally, but turns soft under impact. Un like rubber it doesn't get dry and stiff over time either. Much better than things like limb saver pads which have hollows in them to provide cushion, and are either hard or squishy. the hollows flex more and tend to break down over time. Also, the hollow waffle or honey comb designs can only have screws where the pattern allows. Kick Eeez are solid sorbethane with a plastic base plate. You can put the screws wherever it makes sense. 

It gives you the best recoil absorbtion and a nice firm mount. Best of both. And it doesn't get nasty after a year or ten. I have some from the early 1980s that are just as good as the new ones. That is not true for any rubber based pad.

I got a bunch of these from a gun smith a few years ago, and it was a score. Individually their new price is kinda high. Their website has a guide template for pre fit pads and templates to figure which universal one is closest. I like the super monster safari gun pad, because it is huge, and it is easy to shape down to whatever format you want.

Here's a guide where I show how to fit them. 

The same process works for any other "grind to fit" universal pad, but you have a really good chance of ruining a limbsaver or pachmyr one by hitting a void or a bit of steel or whatever inside as you grind. If you look at most gun smith's bargain bins you will usually see a lot of recoil pads which they rendered ugly by just that fact.

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Thanks.  I currently have a total of 4 3/4 fingers.  Fitting a pad is more of a challenge than I'd like (not to say I couldn't do it if I had to).  Because the Lynx 12 has a 4 inch stock, even the small common slip-on pads (Limbsaver, Pachmayr, etc) may be too big.  I've ordered a UTG Combat Pad.  There are negative comments about the "spikes" on the back of the pad.  If I find this to be a problem, I own a belt sander.

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Belt sanders are one of the most useful tools you can own. Nice work. I can't say I like the grenade pads, but you made it look better. You might consider doing something to slick up the sides. IMO that grippy rubber tends to hang up on clothing and interfere with getting a quick mount. Perhaps some wax or something would help.

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I dunno if they bothered him, but you want a happy mid point between "slips off of your shoulder" and "grips your clothing randomly which interferes with a smooth mount." Some of the textured rubber pads cross too far into the latter category.

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