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committed a federal felony at 12:01 this morning

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Still am in possession of a bumpstock Machine gun. I guess I owe my country 10 years in club fed.

In my defense, I contacted my sheriff and asked if I could turn it in to him since the nearest atf office is over 2 hrs away. (I want a receipt)

He said, Keep it.

I guess I'll cut it up.

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No. I'm not going to hide it. I'll cut it up as required. I just wanted a receipt that I have complied.

Seems as though the feds would get the customer list from the manufacturer and ask for proof of compliance.


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Some of the smarter guys will have to chime in, but I don't think the manufacturer has the customer lists, that would be the retailers. They're not required to keep lists of accessories, just the firearm serial numbers. There is no "list" that I know of.

I still think this issue will wind up in the courts, and when the do deem this silliness as Unconstitutional, then you won't feel so good about cutting it up.

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5 hours ago, Ronin38 said:

A. Delete this thread.

B. Hide it up in the attic or somewhere until this nonsense gets straightened out. I suspect this will wind up in court before too long...

A. Yes.

B. ...  court? 

I really doubt it. I have been paying a lot of attention to what the BATFE has been doing in edge cases for the last decade or so. They almost never litigate. They threaten, and plea bargain, and if the defendant insists on court, they drop it. They just can't afford to lose, and they are way past their statutory authority. Moreover, they are enjoying the ability to have inconsistent definitions and apply them secretly and at will on an individual basis. Once they argue one definition of anything in court, they are stuck with that definition and interpretation of the law and they have to apply it to everyone. So they also can't afford to win a case, and be confined. They do not want to give up the arbitrary power. 

They only pulled this most recent crap, because NRA and Trump told them to do it and that no one else would call them on acting beyond their statutory authority. Judges actually have to rule by applying the statute to the defendant's facts, reading in the light most favorable to the public. BATFE is just so far beyond statutory bounds here that they couldn't make a coherent case. Even if they pushed it in a favorable jurisdiction for them, that opens the door to a circuit split, and that would push it up to the supreme. They can't afford that. So better to stick to vague public threats and individualized secret specific threats and plea deals.

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Well I am no longer in possession. 

My sheriff is a stand up guy, he asked me to come to his office and talk about the situation. He was really unaware of the whole issue and had his deputy look up the ruling.

His take was that it is ridiculous that a legal item that could be purchased on any day could suddenly make one afoul of the law. He expects that many are owned in our county.

He then directed his deputy to tag the stock with my name and put it in his personal closet and told me if the law ever changes I am welcome to ask for it back.

He then went into his main firearms concern which was people who are outlaws but have not reached the point of felons, open carrying at walmart where his wife and children may be.

Also people who have voluntarily committed themselves to a mental institution who have weapons,  he said that as of this year there is a database for those that have been involuntarily committed,  but as of now no way of knowing the volunteers. 

All in all I am pleased with this resolution other than being out the money paid for the machine gun, and or no grandfathering. I am still thankful for our president DJT and believe he made a promise to a LV victim out of sympathy. 

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I can't be thankful to DJT about this. He made a promise to uphold the constitution. He also made a lot of promises about reducing the regulations and the administrative state. But I guess some vague statement to a grieving person trumps all of those promises....

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I am curious, is there not a bump AR trigger? I could have sworn they came out a while before the bumpstocks.


11 hours ago, gunfun said:

I can't be thankful to DJT about this. He made a promise to uphold the constitution.

Kind of hard to uphold the Constitution when you do not know or understand the Constitution, case and point government thinks they can plea the 5th amendment when the Constitution is for the people and not the government.... He also promised to end corruption (LMFAO). My question is, tell me what HAS he done since he has taken over? NOTHING....

1st Amend, ones right to speak out against the government and only the government and so forth. as a matter of fact any government personnel has to take a polygraph test, this is from a city worker all the way up to his ass, "it says so in the labor laws".....



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Every semi automatic can be bump fired without any special trigger or stock. It is an inherent flaw / feature in semi auto.

There have been a few "binary" triggers for ARs AKs and various other semi auto systems for a long time. Usually these fire on pull and on release. They are kinda sketchy from a safety stand point. Also a lot of them make it possible to work the triggers faster than the action and thus have a hammer-follow type malfunction. Some of those do have extra disconnectors to prevent this type of malf.

Definitely toys not serious purpose. Also a few states define semi auto differently. WA has always done so in such a way that binary triggers are not semi auto. You could in theory have two separate triggers and comply with the law though. A long time ago I tuned up a 10/22 for as light and short a safe trigger pull as i could get, so that I could extend the trigger and make it like a walkable paintball gun's trigger. It was never quite nice enough for that to be practical, but I did end up with a decent feeling 10/22 for my trouble.

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