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Dinzag's AKS-12 w/ laminate furniture

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Click here for Latest Pics updated 05-25-06...Post #34


Here she is! All assembled & painted...finally. Started last weekend & hit during smoke breaks through the week. All I have to do is figure out the furniture - RPK or not. This is cheap Romy leftovers from the donor parts kit. I will update pics as I go.


Click here for before pics-->Part 1


I put it through a good heat cycle Friday night with 100 rounds of Winchester #7.5. I opened the three gas ports to 0.094". Flips 'em out pretty good now. Those were landing 1 - 2 feet to the right, but now it's about 6 - 8 feet.


Feel free to ask about any details. I've done this the same as my AKS-410 & AKS-20.


Thanks to Cobra for coming up with the AKS designation & his cool tutorial. Wouldn't have caught the disease without his help. Thanks buddy! :unsure: Thanks to 1liter for the S-12 & Wolverine for the 8 rounders! Oh yeah, thanks to LEO & Bradcliff for making me get up off my ass & get this done. :super:


Enjoy! :smoke:























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Man, I wish I had the balls & ability to do this myself. Just for the bragging rights alone. But I have no tools & am not what I consider knowledgable enough about these guns to do it.... I commend you guys who do though... Jealous? nawwwwww.... Well..... yeah, ok, I am jealous lol

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Thanks all! Glad you like! :smoke: I have some more work to do, but at least it goes bang. Went to Craig's dad's yesterday to shoot some clay pigeons. I ended up using the 410 due to the lack of a FSB on the 12. That's in the works. I still blew up some milk jugs and put another 50 rounds through it. With the porting it will cycle the 3 dram stuff on #1 without the buffer.


Mudsock - the RSB is mig welded to the trunnion and barrel. I will get better pics in the sunlight. The welds were ground flat & painted. I've done the same with all 3 shotguns. I suppose someone could machine up a barrel band to weld to the RSB and pin it on, but I don't ever plan on removing the barrel from the trunnion.


The key thing to do for the RSB is measuring where the dust cover locks in to the top of the barrel, and duplicating that with the new RSB. The AKS-20 & ASK-410 RSB's sat in there good widthwise, only needing a shim under it for proper height, but the AKS-12 needed shims on each side of the AKM RSB as well.


Once cut to fit properly, clamp it down very tight where the RSB meets the trunnion. Tack weld 4 corners quickly & lightly to avoid draw, then test for function. If good, fill in all welds, grind smooth & paint.


It all seems like a lot of work, but with the proper tools it goes pretty quickly. I am not a master welder so my welds need some more clean-up time. I logged about 6 to 8 hours doing the HG conversion through painting. I haven't touched the furniture yet as my belt sander is down.

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It is lookin realy cool I like the fact that you welded the rsb to the trunion. however leo and i would have been screwed if we would have welded it because if i remember correctly we had to reposition the rsb like 5,000,000 times to get it to fit correctly :ded: . what kind of flash hider are you going to use and are you going to use the krebs front sight because i think the one from russeler is to short.

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Bradcliff, thanks! Yeah it's tough getting it on perfect, but once I shimmed it and clamped it down, I put the bolt in to comfirm a good fit. Yes the Russian FSB's are too short. I am making them from scratch (S12 & 20) I have a couple AKM FSB's to use for donor towers, just have to have the father-in-law machine up a couple barrel sleeves to weld them to.


As for the Krebs sight it's nice, but I don't think it is the right height either. I will have something similiar to Cobra's when it's done.


I have a scope ring I welded a nut on the outside of to clamp to the end of the barrel. That should help dial in what height I need for the front pin. Put in different bolts until the POI is where I need it. Then cut & weld.


Mudsock - here's a better pic of the welded area. I welded along the top & front of the trunnion as well as along the barrel. Lots of grinding and sanding involved to smooth it out. I only have the one coat of paint as I will need to do some more clean-up. Needless to say it ain't going anywhere! :smoke:

edited to add: If you can - use a TIG...much better for this scale of project.






edited to add: Bradcliff - I'll probably have my father-in-law (another Tony) turn a '74 style brake on his lathe to fit the wood/retro style. Actually Cobra could "lend" me his new brake & FSB. ;)


A synthetic setup, something more along the lines of the meat plug puller would be in order. :smoke:

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Could you show some closeups of the forend retainer on the gun. Ours is bored slipped over the barrel with a bushing to hold it to the rear. I wanted to do it like yours but got lazy, now I have to :) . Very nice. Oh yea what size is the screw?



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wow! you know, it's one thing to follow a set of instr to mod these shotguns but guys like you and cobra and tony who freehand it and come up with these awesome designs...my hat's off to your ingenuity (and bravery :D)!!!


i second bkngt, i'd love to see tromix offer this service!

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Stokstad - some guy from across the pond came up with that one...

Pretty damn good idea - even if he's a cheesehead. :smoke::lolol::lolol:


Pogue - thanks! We wouldn't have to do it for ourselves if they made them right to begin with!

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Cobra, you are correct. I should have said - wish we could import them this way...

Got wood? Yup!!! I removed the phallic VPG from the stock Romy lower HG, Split in two, and epoxied to the HG to add bulges. Coming along nicely. Will have stain on tomorrow.








Also Mr. Pistonring8 will be bead-blasting all my Saiga carriers and Tony R. will be turning up a couple AK-74 brakes for my big dogs. Thanks to everyone for helping me fund those through quick sales of my parts! :super: I have BRG3's PG on now - matches the new lower HG nicely!!! :smoke:

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Here's how the furniture turned out. That's BRG3's pistol grip on there. It's orange - the pics don't do it justice! The PG was really light colored so I stained it black, sanded down, then stained orange with the rest of the parts.











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Dude, that's freakin' amazing! Words fail. "They should have sent a poet..."

I'm curious...I got a chance to shoot Cobra's Wood S20 and it kicked SIGNIFICANTLY less than my synthetic S20. I'm not 100% sure if it's due to over all weight, or if the material itself has different recoil properties.


Would you say your wood S12 kicks less than a synthetic S12? Thanks, and gorgeous work!

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Thanks guys! I think refinishing the wood takes longer than anything else! After staining I rubbed in 4 coats of oil then started to poly.


On this one I'm using Minwax Wipe-On Satin Poly. It has 6 coats on now. It's nice because you have no runs or brush marks to worry about and it dries in 2 hours. After the first couple coats I sand with 220, then 600 for the last few.


I would say you are correct, I think the small amount of added weight does seem to reduce recoil or change the felt recoil. We noticed that with my S-20 -vs- Craig's; mine being wood & his was synthetic...all else equal.


However, my wood S-20 had more recoil -vs- the S-12 (when synthetic). The S-20 was ported and the S-12 wasn't, both converted. The S-12 is heavier and the barrel is 4" longer, the ammo & mags are heavier, plus the S-12 had a buffer. Too many variables! :wacko:



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