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A bunch of questions...

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Hi! and thanking in advance to anyone who can assist me. I have a lot of questions.. here we go!  :)

1)  I have an aftermarket gas puck (pic attached)  Which way would it be installed? the flat slide towards the piston or the side with the grooves? and is this a good puck or should just stick with original?
2) Setting 2 on gas plus is for low brass, correct?  If i were to shoot on setting 2 with high brass, what would happen? just more recoil with greater reliability of cycling? or should i not do this at all?
3) Any drums that you would recommend?
4) what parts should I oil and what parts should i definitely not oil?  (I've heard you should not oil the puck for example)
5) I've heard that long time storage of ammo loaded in a magazine "could" eventually warp or bend the plastic on the shells out of shape causing the shells to not feed reliably? Any truth in that?
 6) any of those aftermarket gas plugs with additional settings worth it?

7) my saiga 12 does not lock back on empty magazine.. is this just how it works? any aftermarket magazines will it to do this? any recommendations on aftermarket straight magazines?

Thank you so much and happy to be part of the Saiga 12 community!


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You should mention which version of the S12 you have, or post a picture of that

The people on here don't like to answer questions that you can solve by searching.  They are knowledgeable and nice, but a little cranky

The angled grooves on that puck go towards the rear.  You can experiment using that vs your stock puck

The MD 20 is considered the best drum, but the ProMag 12 round is serviceable

Search "top round deformation" for all of the info on that

I like the DPH adjustable gas plug

Last round bolt hold open is not a feature on these guns except for a few special edition ones.  But search "LRBHO" and you will find a lot of info

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ok, thanks.. just got back from being deployed overseas for 8 years and finally get to try out this saiga i bought so long ago.  i can't believe there are so many new semi auto shotguns on the market!  there use to be a time where Saiga was the only magazine fed shotgun.. there is a rock island vr60 for only $400 bucks in AR platform that looks interesting..  I guess Saiga is no longer rules this market

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oh i have a izhmash saiga 12 i bought back in 2009.
MD20 drum look to expensive but thanx anyway!
ill just stick with my stock puck.. i bought that puck with the grooves so long ago and can't find any info on it..if it works well or really what's it supposed to do! LOL
i kept 00 buck shot in the magazine overnight and not only did the top shell deform but others as well.. even though they still seemed to chamber ok. but I guess i will stick with slugs, since they didnt seem to deform

Thanks again for the info!




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When Obama banned importation, it kind of killed the Saiga market and the momentum shifted elsewhere..

Perhaps things will change again now that they are being manufactured in the states..

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The spiraled grooves on the puck go to the front, toward the plug. I did not like what it was doing to the inside of the gas block. I used it for a very short time and saw no advantage over the original, but shiny spots inside the the gas block. To my knowledge shiny=wear.  YMMV

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