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S12 Winnie binding up the travel of bolt?

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Have we done this before? I didn’t search cause..... reasons. 

I noticed with this Winchester after I profiled hammer (which I thought was the point of resistance to rearward movement) that the shell is the perfect length to bind up the action. Shell catches on this tiny step tween the bolt face and bolt stem. Have you guys ever polished that step out? I think this may be a major problem with this shell. 

I just noted the position of the charging handle in relation to “saiga-12” on receiver to determine at what point  the bolt/stem was in. 

I don’t assume I’m reinventing the wheel here, it’s just with all my different projects and youngins I’m perpetually relearning things. 




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It does look like it is sticking out a little more than average. If that indeed is where the problem lies it wouldn't hurt anything to take just a little off there or simply knock the edge off of that corner and give it another test fire. Just a little will likely do it since it is running fine with other loads. Those cheap hulls are quite flexible and will grab an edge quicker than stiffer, slicker hulls like the Federal. I never discuss my methods in regards to the action, but that area is generally not a point of concern and has not proven to be a problem on any gun I have worked on. I'd take that bolt apart and see if anything looks off center. All it takes is a little debris in a jig or something not quite as it should be and a part is not machined correctly. It may look fine, but it is off enough to cause problems. 

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