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Short Barrel Conversion Advice

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Hi.  I'm interested to turn my Saiga 12 into a short barrel.  Need advice on:

1. What is a good size?  Prefer the shortest possible but without affecting performance. 

2. What is a good company for doing this mod?  Don't want to do it myself.  Money is an issue.  Am on a budget but don't want to sacrifice quality.  I remember I had Arizona Armory on my bookmarks for this.  Not sure if that is good or if you recommend someone else.

3. What is the tax stamp process?  Any recommendations?

4. Should I sell my Saiga 12 as is and get one that already is short barrel?  Not sure how much I can get for it.  It's already moded a bit, folding stock, gas adjustor, pistol grip, etc., and comes with MD20.  About how much can I get for it?  And if I go this route, what do you recommend?  Another Saiga 12 short barrel?  Origin 12?  Is there something else that's good short barrel?


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1) 8", threaded for rem chokes. Keep the design of the gun simple. Don't add 10lbs of junk to it. Have a stock that is inline with a decently large footprint.  Reliable is mostly a function of whether they moved the gas system properly. If they do it right, it will run any ammo above a certain energy threshold, which will be toward the hotter end of cheap trap loads and up.

2) Tromix, evlutions llc, lone star arms...

3) Get a trust, no exceptions. Just get a trust and get started. It isn't hard or scary. I do these as a pro, and you are a fool to do it without a trust. Sooner you start, the sooner you finish. Don't do a DIY trust or some random form your gunshop has on the counter. You aren't a lawyer, and neither is Jimbob at the shop. Some of the online ones are OKAY, but there are good reasons to have one made to order by someone who knows your situation, the law in your state, and does them all the time.

If you get the gun before your stamp clears, some dealers with ranges will let you play with it at their range while you are waiting for the crown's permission to take it home.

After you do your first stamp, you will realize that it was a nuisance to pay and weight, but it isn't as big a deal as most people think.

4) I would keep it and get an SBS. As for whether to commission or purchase- that's a question of cost and what's available at the time, and how specific you want your setup to be. Can't hurt to ask for quotes, and wait times. 

I see tromix builds show up surprisingly frequently from people with more money than attention span. They buy an expensive custom, shoot it a couple times, chuck it in the closet for a year or two, then get the itch for something new and hawk it for 1/3 of what it cost to get built. 

I would kind of expect that any builds with the red jacket label on them go for a discount now. Quality varied. Pretty good before show, not as consistent after.

As with the answer on #3, sooner you start the sooner you finish. Custom orders often take a while, but that can be about even with the tax stamp wait time, so not as big a deal as you might think.

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