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So... I'm trying to figure out HOW to attach either keymod, or mlock handguards to an AR...  Do they attach to a threaded block mounted to the barrel or what?? I know how free floats attach, and the delta rings... Can't figure out the other two though..  You'd think it would be easy to look up. I think Google is laughing at me... 

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In general, they mount to proprietary barrel nuts that come with them. There are a few standardized patterns of barrel nut mounting system, and wrenches that fit them. So for example, many of the free float forends out there use the YHM style.

There are exceptions that mount to the upper receiver, which come with a special upper, or are even integral with the upper.

IMO get M loc not keymod. Watch a video of installing a forend, and it will make sense.

Also, the quality to price ratio has gone super super low. That means that you could get a $60 UTG pro forend that is IMO a lot nicer than a Knights Armament quad from 2013 or so which cost $450.

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Gotcha! Thanks. Problem is... I have 3 barrels that are totally complete. Barrel nuts, gas blocks, front sights. And triangular handguard brackets. I know i'd have to take them apart to remove the triangular bracket. Guess while it's apart i'd be swapping out the barrel nut as well... So that makes it easier to understand the mounting, knowing they need their own special barrel nut. Thanks!!!

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