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Saiga 20 rear trunnion? Need help!!

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Hello everyone. I’m very new here. I am having a bit of trouble caused by myself of course. But I’m hoping someone may be able to help me out with some info or advice. I’ll try and keep this as short as possible and just keep an eye on any responses and go from there if need be. 


So so I converted a saiga 20 a couple years back. I put a lot of CSS parts on the shotgun and after cutting the tang on the rear trunnion and changing the stock. Sadly I’ve decided I’m not happy with the stock put on the shotgun. I’m wanting to go back to the magpul Zhukov that I once had on. The problem is I cut the trunnion so ite OEM is no good. I did call CSS a few weeks ago and was told that an AK74 trunnion would work do the saiga 20. This past weekend I was at my buddies gun shop. I took a AK74 trunnion and held it in place on the side of the S20 receiver and it doesn’t look like it’s something that would work. For starters. I guess it could possibly work. But the S20 for some reason came with a Ak optics mount base or whatever you call them on the side and if I were to try and use the 74 trunnion the rivers would overlap so I know that’s not an option. Also looking at the 74 trunnion and comparing it to the S20 trunnion they look MUCH different. The S20 trunnion looks much beefier and unlike any Ak trunnion I’ve ever seen. 

I guess I should back up a little. Is there actually a different between a 47 and 74 trunnion?  Because CSS specifically said AK74 would work. But I ave always been under the impression the 74 am 47 use the same rear trunnion. So full disclosure. The trunnion I had was a 47 trunnion I bought from AK builders or someone for a build I was working on at one time.  But my buddy actually had an AK74 we compared to te 47 trunnion and the S20 trunnion. It was identical to the 47 but there again. Nothing like the S20’s OEM trunnion. 


Does anyone have any input as to what I should do?  Or recommend someone I can call and try to figure this out?  Maybe K-bar or dinzag coup help?  


Thanks for any input you guys guys may have it’ll be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks for reading. 


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12 hours ago, Juggernaut said:

hmmm... I believe we have had some folks that welded the tang back on..

but at this point, I'd concider an internal ACE block.

Thanks jugger. I had considered welding it. But. No clue where the tang is. With regard to the ace block. Is that something you can pick up at CSS and are you sure that would work with the Zhukov?  I’ve got some ace folders and whatnot but I’ve never seen anything from ace with a tang. And the Zhukov needs that tang I’m 99% sure it won’t work without it. But. I could be wrong. 

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zhukov could work.  its made so that y0u dont nned to chop it... slides underneath.  find the instructions for it....  i have one. so im not just blowing smoke.  anyways, its an ak, any flat bar steel be fine.  or literally buy any ak rear trunnion (fix wood stock provisioned that is) cut it off weld that on... easy peasy...

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