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I'm pretty sure I had this crap in December. I ran a fever off and on for a few days. That coupled with some other issues was really clobbering me. I had a dry cough for weeks and never thought much about it. A lot of people around here are saying they had a similar experience before this stuff got sensationalized.

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The hoarders are still snapping up all the better beef cuts here. I just tried to pick up some sirloins and struck out.

I keep plenty of food on hand, but when I want steak, I usually just go buy some.

Maybe I should hoard like the rest of the assholes and fuck everyone else.

Fucking MartinFoods.


Hoarders suck diseased moose wang

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Patriot, you are correct.  We NEVER HOARD and damn if it almost didn't bone us this time.  I have 8 and 12 year old girls (recent bdays for both) and as I said, luckily we had enough of what we needed.  But fuck hoarders and I hope they choke on the shit.

But that's just me....


Tried to post a pic, but could not.  Don't get it.  ???

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Tried to post a picture
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Was just at Costco yesterday, and they have trillions of hotdogs, but not much in meat otherwise.  I may run back and pick up more brats for the freezer.  In WI, you got to have beer, brats, and cheese curds!  But otherwise, I'm just stocking up to go about 2 months before restocking again, since I have to do the shopping, as I have the only mask.

Been spending most of my time rebuilding mom's garden after a few years of neglect due to her knees and cataracts.  I'm rebuilding to all raised beds. Got half the garden rebuilt so far, and will be starting the rest next week.

Wanted to go to Alaska prospecting this summer, but so much for that!  I ain't spending 9-12 hours in a plane to get up there.  Can't drive it due to the fucked up gun laws in Canuckistan. 

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