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I just ran my Judge off my deck out back for a bit....

3" chamber.

Brass shell. 40gr black, flour filler, 0.0430 240gr LRNFP paper patched to fit, seated to the crimp groove.

Smokeless load is 9.5gr Unique, Dacron fluff filler, 0.430 240gr LRNFP paper patched to fit, seated to the crimp groove.

****LOAD DATA is MINE and worked for ME. If you use it, you assume ALL liability.**** (If you fuck up yourself, your gun, or others, it's YOUR fault)

Looks like 45-70, but longer.

L O U D !, snappy. Rattled the house.

My neighbors love me!

Dimensional drawing, and loaded 1st attempt round using a 200gr RNFP sized to 0.430 below (before fireforming)  Pressure calcuates to approx. 18,000psi MAX.






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I'm wondering why. Also wondering what the specific advantage is over the basic .45 Colt round, other then the obvious chamber jump. The chamber jump has shown me a negligible amount of effective accuracy. I shoot it just fine.  Actually, really fine with .45 Colt. And then there is the duality of being able to use the same rounds in my .45 Colt rifles. 

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Because I could.

Interesting exercise.

There have been many rounds developed over the years with no discernable improvement over exsisting designs, yet they enjoyed massive success. Why? Damned if I know.

I just thought it'd be fun. The flour filler makes for one hell of a bang when shooting black.

It's fun. That's reason enough.

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