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Hello I am new to this site. I have worked on a couple of these 12 gauge shotguns but this one is getting to me. I can shoot 12 mags in this with no problem but when I try anything else it will not eject or it stove pipes, again mags shoot great and eject. I have turned the gas buffer to every number, made sure the acc. screw on the rail is sealed with blue lock tite, I have taken it apart and put a camera down in there and it is clean. I did see where some one cut the front spring but counted the coils and they only cut one coil off. Again I have used all sorts of ammo I even shot an  old Winchester 12 gauge shell that is brass and it still would not eject. All the mags do eject.

Could the piston be wore and if it is where can I get one? Could I make one if it's not metric thread?

Any suggestions would help. You can email me at jrniblett@yahoo.com

Thanks,  J.R.

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The puck is good for thousands upon thousands of rounds. Something else is wrong.

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12 mags? I take it you mean 3" magnum loads, 3" shells vs 2.75" standard or target loads?

Have you tried only shot or have you tried slugs too?

How may gas ports, how large, and the ports it has are unobstructed?

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Yes 3 inch mag shoots good even buck shot. I did shoot one slug through it and it went and ejected fine. 2 pass ports looks like just under ¼ inch each. Factory gas plug in it too.

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Okay, you've a two (2) port gun. What is your barrel length?

You say the ports 'Look' to be just under 1/4" in diameter.  These would be extremely oversized, 1/8" would be oversized. I'd say they're likely somewhere between .070" and .080" coming out of the factory.  You need to know what their actual sizes are.

A .070-.080 two port gun is only good if you've a 24" barrel since the wad and shot have a longer dwell time in the barrel allowing for more pressure to build.

Most concur that in 16"-18" barrels a minimum of three to four (3-4) ports at .070"-.080" are needed.  Those who modify their port diameter usually open them to .093" same as 3/32" on three to four port barrels. But four ports can be done at .080"

IIRC, Vepr12's have five (5) ports at .080", and some custom builders run up to six (6) .080" ports on 16" barrels.

These guns normally run the low brass bulk Winchester Universal like a fat kid eats french fries.

My advise to you is to have a competent gunsmith drill or mill another correctly angled port at .093", and to open the other two ports to the same diameter.  You can have four ports done, but then I'd strongly recommend that the ports be made at .080" and at adequate distance from each other to avoid any possibility of weakening the area of the barrel inside the hole pattern and thus avoid it breaking into one large gaping hole. The ports can be milled larger so the ports open away from the center.


Before doing this, I highly recommend both a thorough cleaning and lubing, and a 'Breaking -In'.  It is sometimes amazing what a thorough breaking-in can do to smooth rough surfaces thus eliminating friction/binding points.  These guns were often very rough leaving the factory, they're military weapons and they were designed to be shooting high power buck and slugs, not low recoil pansy-assed target loads. So get together 300-500 shells that you know function well and run the gun hard and fully gassed. Clean/lube again and see how it functions with loads that were less than reliable before.

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Thanks chileRelleno, The ports are about a !/8 inch not ¼ inch, DA on me! I have a gas port on the left side right on what I would call the gas block and it slants down Looks like nothing has come out of it because when I swobbed it it was clean. What is that actually for, to release gas?  I Can stick a pipe cleaner through both holes and see it in the barrel.

If I remember right, on these Sagas you have to heat the front and rear of the gas tube block to remove it, am I right?

Thanks for your help in this. These type guns get to me. I mostly work on bolt guns, changing barrels out and porting or threading and re-bluing. I do a lot of revolver work for people who do quick draw and horse riding, shooting. I took this in because he was a friend and he bought it from a pawn shop. got 4 long mags, 4 short mags, laser, red dot sight. He paid $1000.00 for it.

This thing shoots 3 inch mags real good and slugs, plus buckshot, all of them will eject properly.    Thanks J. R.

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Most of the problems are normally friction related, and most have enough gas, unless the holes were blocked by alignment issues.  Out of 5 guns, I've only had one that functioned perfect down to 2 3/4 dram loads from the factory.  The rest needed slight fitment and polishing to get down that low with any reliability.  Expect 3 dram bulk loads to be the normal bottom end.

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