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Self Defense HP vs SP & 55gr vs 62gr

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New member here I am contributor over at Akfiles. I picked up a Definitive Arms .223 Saiga recently and I am a noob when it comes to .223 ammo. I have shot 5.45x39 exclusively in the past. Looking for your thoughts on the best self defense ammo? I recently picked up 1,000rds of brown bear .223 62gr soft point. About to buy a couple more thousand rounds and wanted to know your guys opinion. what is your guys thoughts on Russian HP vs SP for self defense and 55gr vs 62gr?



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It all depends on the twist rate of the barrel, I have no idea what the 223 version is, let's say it is a

1X9 twist then a 55gr up to a 64gr would work for the rifle now you have to find the right powder and tweak it same for the 1X8 twist then we all know that the best weight would be 69gr....



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Honestly most 55 grain soft points are going to be pretty good. Some of the 77 OTM stuff has good performance in 556. If the same bullets are available in similar velocities in 5.45x39 they would do well.

556 is an effective caliber, and 545 is more or less the same thing. Most of the 62 grain ish stuff are not great performers.

I know I would be comfortable loading a hornady 55 grain soft point in 545, and expecting adequate performance.

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