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Inserting a Mag

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I want to travel with my Saiga with a mag inserted but no round in the chamber.  I lock the bolt back and insert the mag.  How do I now let the bolt go forward but not chamber a round?  I had tried simply pushing the round down as I let the bolt go forward, but for me, that doesn’t seem to work.  If I try to load the mag with a closed bolt, the top shell deforms somewhat on the crimped end.  I am using a 10 round AGP mag with 10 rounds loaded.  How can I do this?  Thanks for your help.


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Thanks for your reply, but unfortunately, I cannot get the mag to lock in when the bolt is closed, so that a shell will not be chambered.  After trying for a while, I looked at the top shell and that is when I saw it was deformed.  I tried again with a new shell on the top and the bolt closed, and again it would not lock in.  The new top shell was also again deformed.  The mag locks in just fine when the bolt is retracted and a shell is chambered, but I want to lock in the mag and NOT chamber a shell.


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You can also shave down (sand down) the bottom of the follower until an extra round can be added, I am not an expert on State(s) law(s) but I believe if you use the rifle for hunting, States have laws about mag capacities and it could be some trouble having it..  Just something I was told a while back IDK...

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I have a solution for this. 
I have a small hole drilled for a pull pin .

One less round. Push rounds down, slide pin across the brass, works like a charm.

id post pictures but the choose file option does not seem to work.


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