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Who has taken the plunge? I had got pretty good with my bumpstock on a bipod when the ruling came down and I therefore made a point to turn it in to the sherriff.

Anyway, now to the bfs3, had to grind a rivet head under the pack to get the hammer pin to seat, but after that, install and test was easy. And man does it rock.

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Given the fact that bump stocks were deemed illegal without any new law passed, and with no grandfather clause or compensation for those who purchased them, I personally wouldn’t spend $500 on something that is likely to suffer a similar fate. Sore subject for many of us I’m sure.

I am sure it does rock however and is a great amount of fun. Hope you enjoy it!


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The only thing that is concerning with shooting binary and especially if rapid fire, is the possibility of a unoticed squib.

I've had that happen in a 20"ar w/.22kit while wife unit was at the helm. Luckily I  intervened before she lit off another. Just heard the sound wasn't right.

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On 12/9/2020 at 3:55 PM, tatonic said:

I'll admit that I have never seen a report of a 7.62 squib. 


I interrupted some novice shooters that had a squib. IIRC the ammo was new production tula, but it's been a few years. Circa 2014. I keep a 1/4" brass rod in my trunk, for that sort of thing, so I had them back in action. None of them had heard about squibs at all, and IIRC, they had chambered another round before they responded to me yelling at them. 

Fortunately they listened, and were okay. Again, if I recall correctly, they had another one in that same session and caught it themselves. So for sure 1 squib, probably two if my rusty memory is right.

I've seen squibs in nearly every caliber that is common, or other malfs of factory ammo that came to equivalent danger.

I've also made ammo that was squib. It is pretty common when developing new loads, and you have to go slow and verify impacts if your load is on the low end of power, etc. My least favorite is loads that run well, but behave like squibs in very cold weather. The more you shoot, the more sketchy stuff you will encounter.

Rushed manufacture, substituting from optimal components, and bad storage are the usual culprits. 

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