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Hey, folks. Haven't been here in over 6 years. Thought I'd check in and say "Hello"

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I've been a member here since 2008. Don't know how many are still around from that time, but I'm guessing there are still quite a few who may remember me. After a devastating house fire in 2014, in which I lost nearly every thing I owned (got a few tools out in the aftermath, and a few firearms, two of which were my S12 and my 7.62x39), I had to start over completely. Been doing a lot of different things in the last 6 years, but thought it was time to get back to my AK roots.

Hope you all have been doing okay. You'll see my ugly mug hanging out here again.

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I'm glad you're back, and made it out of the house fire OK. Stuff can be replaced. I've been mainly lurking here. Not a lot of traffic. Spam mainly. The trolls are even mostly gone. (Thank God and our mods for that!)

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It has been pretty quiet. Not like the hey day with the new people asking the same questions every week. I miss the earlier days when we were modding parts out of whatever we could. Not saying the guys who spun up to make parts didn't do an awesome job. Just seemed like a tighter community of people who tinker.

The import ban basically killed the tinkering/modding so there isn't too much traffic.

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