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Let me start off by saying this is my first post. Thank you for reading this and I appreciate any feedback. 


I am not new to the AK platform. I have been field stripping them and adding custom furniture since I was a teenager. I'm 30 now. 

I have never owned a Saiga 12, first one. I purchased a stock and attempted to GINGERLY beat out the old stock with a rubber mallet and replace it yada yada.  Same old same old...right?


Wrong. So stock is in, but now when I tilt the shotgun up and down there is a sound like something came loose and is knocking around in the gas tube. I inspected with flashlight and such and cant see anything moving. 


It definitely did not do this before, its definitely not the stock. The sound is coming from the gas tube. 


If I seriously broke my 800$ shotgun by using a method I've used on dozens of wasrs I'll be surprised. Please help, thanks


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There is a gas puck in there, it is like an intermediate gas piston to cycle the bolt.  A regular AK doesn't have that.  So it could be that had been stuck before with dried grease and you just loosened it up.  Why not just take off the gas plug and pull out the puck and see if that was it.

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