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Spent an afternoon busting caps with the 12's.  Everything ran great until I got to the batch of old Winchester bulk pack.  The Federal bulk (3 dram) landed in a pile at 2:00 about 5-6' out. The Federal pink pussycats (2 3/4 dram) about 5'.  The Winchester fell at my feet, stovepiped, or got mashed in the action!  All three have been stored in cans since 2013.

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Well, I knew that the bulk packs were all over the place, but never encountered any this bad.  Whatever loading they were at still cycled the smoothed out S12 action for the most part. (25% failures)  My guess is they were below 2 1/4 dram.  Won't buy it again!

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2013 ammo production was very dodgy stuff.. My own homemade reloads from 2009 are better than most of the factory bulk pack stuff in 2013. I had some federal that was not sized right and the metal bases would not seat in anything, not even a double barrel, ended up having to run it through my reloading sizer to use it, a little dangerous to size live ammo but nothing exploded.

My new policy on ammo buying, buy it when it's not made in a rush.. I loaded up pretty heavy from 2015 to the end of 2019. When the panic buying started I stopped buying pretty much everything. The QC on everything sucks, even ritz crackers are inconsistent right now, got a whole carton that came extra crumbly and clearly didn't mix right.

In my opinion you would be out of your mind to buy a new car made in 2020 or the first half of 2021.

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