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Off topic! Vegas Tips??

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My wife and I will be going to Vegas for the first time this July 4 weekend. If anyone has any tips for a great trip then please chime in. I am on a tight budget ( less than a grand for the trip- gamblin, air, hotel, and eats, and all), I have to have some money left over for guns and ammo!!

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Get a hooker... spend the time banging the broad in a hotel room while your wife runs the video camera...



Come home and sell the videos on the net and make a HUGE profit... buy lots and lots of guns!!!!



Any other questions? Have a great trip!



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It really depends if you want to stay on the strip.....



If you can, and its hot enough, you should be able to find the hotels cheaper than other times. july 4th, I think is a decent traffic weekend in th strip, and you might have to stay at places off in the city itself like the "station" hotels, or pla e like that "silver nugget" or other mid-level entertainment facilities......


....hopefully I covered a few options the locals will tell you. it really goes by the minute, for rent on rooms, as well as the stakes.....


hit the water parks, or at least one. mucho funno....

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Don't spend much time or money gambling. There's SO much to see and do in the city that you really need not waste time in casinos. Spend at least an entire afternoon/evening/night wandering about the strip looking at all the hotels. They're AMAZING. Each hotel usually has some kind of unique attraction too, so I'd suggest exploring each attraction. I went when I was 20 for 2 days and I didn't have time enough to do/see half of all I wanted to and I spent zero time in casinos since I was too young. Have fun, that's exciting!

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My wife just returned from there yesterday from a week long business trip with the family biz. Be ready to spend a lot more than you're used to for simple things like cofee and drinks if you stay in one of the nice hotels. They stayed at the "Wynn" and cofee was 4 bucks a cup, gin and tonics and beers were $10, etc.

Like Aegis said, there is a ton of free entertainment that happens regularly at the big hotels. You can just watch from a distance. She said they were sitting in their room partying and glanced out the window to notice a 15' tall frog that jumped up onto a waterfall and started singing Low Rider and other tunes. I'll bet that was a shocker the first time lol. Another good show to see is the pirates ship battle with the sirens at Treasure Island. I'm sure her brother very much enjoyed the scantily clad sirens! Lot's of hot girls and cars to see everywhere else too. They had the best time actually getting out of Vegas and hiking for a couple of days in nearby Red Rock Canyon and visiting Hoover Dam and a road trip to Cali. the "Valley Of Fire" is supposed to be really cool too. At the La Mirage Hotel there is an awesome erupting volcano she said was pretty cool to watch. Get away from the new hotels for cheaper food and drinks and even a bunch of freebies by going to the old strip. They are giving stuff away there to attract biz. Like $2 steaks and stuff. Send me an email if ya want and I can forward you some info her friend gave her on where to find souvineers, cheap food, and free stuff.

Have a blast! I wish I was going. :cryss:

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yeh well, over off the main strip there is the hilton....which is nothing special, except the buffet that has nice thick juicy steaks cooked by a 3 star chef to order, for all you can eat. whenever Im in vegas, I go there and gouge myself. last time I couldnt get out of the chair, I was so stuffed with steaks. I think I ate about a half dozen of them. I hear it can kill ya, but ya know what? thats one sweet way to die, if its true.


go up near the old strip, and go out in back of like circus circus, and you can find crackheads to beat up if you are bored.


there is also a fairly new casino there that has nothing but strippers on the floor at all times, if you are into walking around with a boner and no way to rid yourself of it, as well as those whore fliers for decent whore houses outside of town that are legal, which send you a limo to your casino and bring you out there to bang thier sluts for an inflated price.


red rock canyon was alright, but if you go as far the the hoover dam, you might as well go see the grand canyon. also bryce canyon and the other one, cant remember the name, is close. so is death valley, if you like the heat.


if you are awake at 4 or 5am, you can also look off to sunrise mountain and watch the f15's take off with the new f22 raptors. cant hear the raptors really, but you can damn sure hear the f15s. to boot, the thunderbirds practice thier stunts over the city from time to time, and red flag is flown there, so you will see LOTS of odd aircraft occassionally.


you can go to the full auto rent a gun ranges, but guess what? Ive gone around to ALL of them in vegas, and the owners were all fucking assholes. I wouldnt give them a dime, personally, but if you are jonesing, go check em out. just be sure to tell them when they tell you that you will buy the cable if you shoot it down, that they have insurance for that. they like it when you remind them of that.


just remember that las vegas is a town that everyone lives off of people's weaknesses. use caution out on the street and with strangers. dont lose your shirt, either.


I know there is a local or two that is in this forum. thats who you need to ask for the little things, like the deli/supermarket/liquorstore/old fashioned diner right near the sahara I think is where it was, that makes the BEST diner food outside of NY.



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Hotel deal on the strip....Stratosphere....i was there in may a couple years back, got my room for $39 a night, later found a deal for $29 a night....if you a just looking for a place to lay down and night, that ain't bad and still be able to go down and get free drinks while playing nickel slots....or whatever your choice is....


There is a place in Vegas, where you can rent full auto machine guns for use at their range....or at least there used to be. Found that out after i was last in vegas.....MP5s etc......would have been fun had i known in time.

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Get the extra renter's insurance on the rental car. Last week, I destroyed a 2006 PT Cruiser on I15

and had to pay 500 bux for my deductable.


If you take a cab from the airport, pay no more than $10 (plus tip, if any) to the south end of the strip.

$15 - 20 to the north end of the strip, or to Freemont Street.

Demand that the cabbie DOES NOT drive the strip. The timer will eat your wallet alive.


There is a tram that runs from MGM to the Sahara. $5 per trip, or $15 multipass for the day.

Free tram from Mandalay Bay to Excalibur.


If you get the rental car, take a trip to the Valley of Fire ($6.00 per car), up northeast of the NASCAR track on I15. Go see the Hoover Dam in Boulder City (Parking still $5?). Prostitution is legal in Nye county, out west.


There's a Wally World and an Albertson's east on Tropicana drive. Buy a case of water and some other beverages, or pay DEARLY at the hotel for your liquid refreshment.


Have fun!

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