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On President Trump's last day in office my wife, out of the blue said, "You better go get that gun before you can't." I didn't realize that she even knew I had been pining for one. Three hours later and we're walking in the door with this...





It's a NY Compliant Ruger PC Carbine in 9MM model 19101. The stock end is 20 3/4" and the barrel end is 16 1/4" when taken down. With the butt spacers (adjustable) as I have it set up it's 35 3/8" overall.


Rang report: Because of my astigmatism I replaced the red dot with an old Simmons Deerfield 2.5 power fixed crosshair scope that I had in storage. I see the illuminated dot as an oval and it drives me nuts. 147gr HPs drop fast beyond 50 yards, but the 125 gr. bullets in the picture give me about 3 MOA 10 shot groups at 100 yards. I'm very pleased with that for a 9mm carbine. Round count is at 120 right now and the way ammo and components prices have skyrocketed I'm being stingy. I was fortunate enough to score a thousand Berry's Preferred Plated 9mm 115 gr RN at the first of the year. I haven't shot enough of them to let you know, yet.

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100 yards, semi-rapid fire 10 shot group off a rest. Ammo is 115 gr Berry’s Preferred Plated RN over 6.1 gr Alliant Unique hand loads. My hand is in the picture for size reference. I knew I had a couple flyers, but I’ll take minute-of-squirrel at that range any day with a 9mm.





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