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Lightfield 12ga NOVA blank.


CRAZY loud. Like plugs AND muffs loud. They rang my ears with just plugs. There's a bit of recoil, about like a standard dove load. HUGE flash. Lights up the whole yard. 

I load my own blanks and nothing I've done is even close to these.

The closest I've seen is a Deftec flash-bang grenade. No shit. These are that L O U D.


Made me happy. I LOVE these.

Oh, non-corrosive too....

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Those are for those signaling cannons.  They would fire one at reveille in Boy Scouts.  Once they did it too close to a car, and it blew the hubcaps off!  Came in both 12 and 10 gauge.  Those WILL wake you up in the morning!


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