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Problems inserting magazine

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Hello, I’ve recently picked up a Lynx 12 shotgun and then bought 3 (used) factory Saiga magazines for it. I can insert 1 of the magazines with no problem, 1 of the magazines has to be smacked for it to make proper contact with the magazine release but is then hard to release and drop, and the 3rd will not catch at all.  I noticed that the 2 that do catch sit higher than the 3rd as the upper molded line is almost flush with the mag well while the 3rd has a gap. The 2 that are giving me trouble also have wear lines to the metal where it looks like they are rubbing more.

*I have been trying to insert these unloaded and have tried with the bolt open and closed.  No problem loading the SDS factory mag loaded with a closed bolt and the 1 good Saiga only gives a little trouble on a closed bolt. 

I was under the impression that I shouldn’t have to modify these magazines to work properly in my gun.  I also did not notice anything on the magazine that is preventing it from inserting to the point of the mag release catching it  




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It is not unusual for mags to need fitting.  You have to figure out where the interference is and file off a little bit.  Just do a little bit at a time.   When you get it to lock in place with some effort, stop there because it will loosen up over time and you don't want it to be too loose.

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you could measure the tab on the magazine that fits and compare it to the ones that don't.  There has a fair amount of variation with mag catch lengths with the Russian guns.  MD Arms had some pretty good instructions out there for his MD20 mags.

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if you look at the magazine itself, where the latch of the gun is supposed to engage it....

you take a fine file, and ONE SWIPE AT A TIME take a swipe from the back edge of the built out nub, then one swipe from the underside of the built out nub  where the magazine release lever rests. like was said one at a time until it just barely fits and locks in.


this is normal. take your time it will lock in nice and tight.


edit to add - i threw my factory lynx magazine out. it caused many FTfeed issues due to poor tolerances on the metal feed lips.... i was also the factory warranty holder for saiga here in the US for some years, so i know a little bit of what im talking about.  look at the back nub of the mag on the back of its neck. thats what you shave...fitting is common and that is how you do it. go to loawez or home desposit and get a cheap 5 dollar file and use it carefully.....

you may be tempted to take a round jewelers file to the front throat of the magazine, but dont...take it off the back of the neck where we are telling you to. DEFINATELY not off the front/throat or the magwell.....the front notch of the locking point of the mag takes most of the shock of recoil, so dont touch it.

im trying to give this clarity so that others may see it another ten years from now and know how to properly address this issue

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