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Walther-Fans: What a difference a Slide Makes!

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Finally got my Q5-Match slide upgrade for my 4" PPQ-M2-9mm...One before and 2 after photos attached...Although the carry version is a fine gun, awesome trigger, very little recoil, I just don't get wowed by looking at it or shooting it...With the Q5-Match slide though it is an entirely different animal. Looks "Nasty" and I just want to shoot the heck out of it...5 vs 4" (more weight up front, and longer sight radius), much, much, better sights (w-adjustable rear), optics ready if I ever want to, 1" groups at 25Y rested, this is going to be a fun-toy.

Another "treat" for Walther fans ;-)...Walther PPQ M2 5" (not the Q5 so it still has carry sights) beats 6 other "Duty"-Model 9mm's with a 98 score in March/April Combat Handgun's. Next best score was 95, lowest score was 80 in this order:

S&W M&P M2, Sig P320 Full-size, H&K P30, Glock 17 G2, FN 509...

And of coarse all Walther fans know by now the Q5 has won Championships on the PRO-circuit.

Just a little fun to fight the Virus today....

I'll give an update when I shoot my Q5, but that will be a while for obvious reasons. She is going to be some shooter.

Walther, Best Kept Secrete 😉 in the Gun industry at a great price.


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