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Reloading components... WTF?

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ANYONE out there seeing primers for sale?? I see small amounts of powder at local shops, but none that I typically use. I passed up a couple thousand small rifle magnum primers on powder valley an hour ago. But... The price really didn't thrill me. Bullets aren't too much of a problem sourcing... 

What are the rest of you seeing?? Thoughts? Comments?? 

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Things have been pretty slim pickings for a while. I have occasionally  seen various small rifle primers locally but that's been about it. I'm haven't seen any large rifle primers in some time. That's a problem for me as I specifically need to replenish my stock of magnum LRP for a new wildcat that I will be doing load development for in the near future. 

Hodgdon has sent out emails pretty regularly explaining that they have been producing powder at capacity but unable to keep up with the huge spike in demand. 

Remington wasn't producing ammo or primers for quite a while as they were in such bad financial shape that no one would sell them the raw materials to do so. Thankfully, that has changed with them being bought by Federal recently. Remington is one of the four (if I remember the number correctly) US manufacturers of primers for commercial sale. That certainly hasn't helped with the primer shortage. Hopefully that will change with them producing again.

Almost everything I shoot is a wildcat so this component shortage is starting to get rather old. I really couldn't care much less (personally) about 2.23 or 9mm being in stock as I don't commonly shoot standard cartridges.

I'm a shareholder of a small company (Mad Dog Weapons Systems) that basically makes wildcat cartridge concepts in to real, shoot able rounds. (We make everything from barrels to dies to accomplish that.) Because of what we do I usually help with testing loads during development.  

Maybe we should start a thread here where we share when we see components in stock? Some of the other forums and groups have been doing that.

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