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IPSC Tactical-MAJOR Class 3-gun Saiga .308 style anyone?

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Or, IDPA carbine match. :killer:


Yes, the spliced factory mags will make it more feasible to run a 30 + round course. Still need to do a little more ginding on the retaining piece for the Tapco Galil style hand guard. But, it's functional as pictured.


With the Blackjack Buffers safety lever and the mag-release extension I can operate this thing just about a fast as an AR15.


I'll make posts as I use this in matches. It's certainly proven to be fun to 'practice' with. :smoke:


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The handguard, pgrip and collapsable buttstock are all Tapco USA. I already had a Tapco SAW style pgrip but got the stocks from Mike at Midwestarmory.com for $120 which came with another pgrip that I guess I'll have to buy and convert an RAA Saiga for now. ;) BTW, the SAW pgrip is a vast improvement over the standard AK pgrip...in my opinion. The Saiga 20 gauge in my avatar that you can see all the way down the barrel to the firing pin is wearing one.


I'm having to grind out the retaining piece for the handguard as another forum member reported successfully doing about a month ago. I'll post more pics when I'm finished with it.


The collapsable buttstock is made for stamped receiver AK's and installs in about 5 minutes or so. Just make sure you tap the holes for the scres that hold it to the receiver for a flush fit and you'll be very happy with it. Tapco also makes the folding stock, but I prefer the AR style collapsable because the adjustable stock insures a perfect fit for any size shooter.


The brake is a standard AK74 7.62x39 brake that was Tig welded on by the guy that converted this Saiga for me. I wish I knew more and I wish that guy was still around converted these things, he did awesome work on AK's and didn't charge very much.

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Thanks for the info.


There's no recoil-loosening issuses or anything else to report mounting the stock-adaptor and tele- on the .308?

If not, you bet I'm getting another one (had one on the SLR I traded for the Saiga).


It is a great looking weapon.


Care to sell some Hi-Caps? :D



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Nice! What did you use to bond the plastic?? a-b epoxy? Have to add a new spring? Those mags are so hard to come by I have been afraid to experiment even though I am sitting on 5 of them.


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It's too much work to start selling the mags. And, even though I have a 100% success rate to date with them, there is potential for screwing up the perfectly good 8 round mags if you aren't careful while fabricating the hicaps. :smoke:


However...at the end of next month, after the Texas State 3-Gun Match :killer: I would be willing to trade someone two 8 round mags for one of my 2 stack splice jobs. If after an agreed upon time you are satisfied with it we can make the trade permanent. And then I'll make another one.


Tapco buttstocks are used on other .308s (Cetme, HK, etc.) with no problem that I've heard of from recoil. I've used them on Saiga 20's quite abit with no problems, and I think a 20 gauge has more recoil than my .308 with the AK74 break, and a blackjack buffer. The 20 in my avatar is standing on the same type of stock.


The springs are the factory long ass spring that is crammed into the little bitty 8 round mags. Those Russian really like a tight mag. I use a stock spring in the 3 stack splice mag and it's been utterly 100% reliable for 18 months now. Left it fully loaded (25 rounds) for months, took it to the range and 'tested' it in about 5 seconds. The 2 stack splice mags have the stock spring with a few coils cut off and the follower and basepad trimmed to allow 18 rounds each. My modified 8 round, now 10 round (damn near 11, but round won't chamber) uses a spring that is half of a stock one cut in half...no spring problems to date with any of these.


If you want more details check my post in the middle of lollygaggers topic:



Yeah, I can get a bit long winded. :lol:


If you have some extra mags and really, really want hicap mags - reliable and relatively (not without risk) easy to make Saiga mags for a Saiga rifle - then go for it! And, let me know if you have questions.

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Ok, finished up the retainer for the Galil handguard. It's nice and snug and there doesn't seem to be a need to glue the retainer to the handguard. Of course, field testing will be required to make sure it holds as is. Dang, I just love to test these things. :killer:


I couldn't find, or think of, a way to cynch the 18 round mags together easily. So, in classic Saiga forum fashion I speng a whopping $1.50 at Home Depot on some black nylon zip ties and...wala!


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