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Hello, it has been a while since I've posted. I purchased a S12 converted with Tapco parts, including Tapco side folder.

The only thing left to do is to install a Bolt Hold Open which I purchased from CSS. It does not fit with the current Tapco hammer, I saw the tutorial from CSS and during the video he stated that I had to grind off (sand off) .050 from the hammer, I am sure that he means from the same side that the BHO goes on, the thickness of the BHO is .088. When I install the hammer (no spring) and with the pin through it, it moves back and forth with very little slack it does move freely.

So my question is; how much should I take off? I will be doing this with sand paper and by hand. Any suggestions and help is greatly appreciated.



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OK, so I got it done, the answer is yes you have to grind, sand down the right side if the bolt (if you are looking down the iron sights) right hand side, the way I did it was to get my Cobalt drill bit 3/8" diameter, cutting oil (WD40) and slowly drilled the hammer, I did this little by little and testing constantly, it left a sharp edge on the drilling out side si I used 600 grit sand paper (for metal) took the sharp edge out, again testing as I went along and with the BHO in place and checking the hammers center point in relation to the firing pin.

I found out afterwards, that I would have to alter my selector lever so that the BHO can be used, I did some searching on the net and found that CSS had an aftermarket selector that can be used with the BHO (I did not want to alter the original), I purchased it and this "would not work" it would not engage into the opposite side of the receiver, it would pass through the Tapco AXIS PIN RETAINING PLATE but would not engage into the receiver, I had a neighbor come over and he realized the reason was the gap between the stamped portion ot the selector and the inside part where the BHO passes through was not wide enough (the pic will explain), I do not know how to describe any better.

STEP 1 I took my drimel tool with a steel cutting wheel and widen on both sides, we did test beforehand attempting to slide the cut of the selector onto the receiver, it would not pass so I widen and it solved the problems I was having and works great. STEP 2 (see same PIC) I had to also take off about 3/32s off of the bottom of the portion that holds down the trigger when the safety is engaged so that this could pass the spring without interference.


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