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Slug Reloading

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I think there are very few reasons to reload your own slugs, but I don't reload slugs (in fact given the cost of the cheapie loads I don't do much reloading at all lately).


If you are a very accomplished reloader, you MIGHT put out some quality loads. But as I understand it, the crimp is pretty critical on slugs to get the same pressure (=velocity) for accuracy sake.


But, you'll always have a source if you are "rolling your own". They are likely to be fine for "plinking" and you'd shoot enough to make it worth your while to gear up and work up a load. And even SD scenario's (I think close range here) they'd be ok.


I wouldn't even think about it for hunting, I don't think you'd shoot enough to make it worth your while .....

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In general, reloading can be quite a bit cheaper especially if you take the time to cast your own bullets. That mould looks like a good design. But, unless you are going to shoot a lot of slugs it would probably be cheaper to get the Wolf slugs in quanity. I found 10 rounds and made a test from my Saiga-12. Good accuracy and Im going to get some more. Reloading is also a fun hobby. You dont really save any money but you shoot more.

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I don't know much about shotshell reloading, but the two big reasons to reload is for bulk economy or very specific loading. For instance my primary two reloads are in 45 Colt and 38 Special. Neither are for bulk quantities. In 45 Colt I wanted a full power SAAMI load, which is becoming rare these days. (Not a Cowboy load nor a "Ruger Only" load.) In 38 Special, I wanted an inexpensive practice duplicate to the Federal 110gr PD load for my wife to practice with.

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A buddy of mine and I reload slugs for deer hunting. We are able to create a slug that when used in a rifled barrel will acheive 5 slugs in ONE RAGGED HOLE at 100M.!!!!!


The trick is in the wad. It is threaded and hotglued inside the rear of the slug cavity, and out of a rifled barrel acts as a stabilizer while rotating.


If you reload other shotgun shells, reloading slugs is really no more trouble. The thing is... how far do you want to go... super accurate slugs for hunting?? or just cheap ones for plinking/HD loads?




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