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Good thread, got to reply here.


I got mine form an old girfreind, she called me the........








That was about 10 yeasr ago, and it stuck, as you can see.


On a side note, The otehr day as I surfed the web, I found that it was also a word in some slavic kind of langauge. I couldn't figure out what it was, but my brother said he found it was a Croatian word, and meant "conspiracy", or "frame-up".


I was just glad it didn't mean pig butt or something equally as bad.

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Grimm is the crazy Doberman/Rotty mix pictured in my avatar. That was him with muzzle in my hand as we said goodbye moments before putting him down. After my father passed when I was 9, my mother bro

Mine is simply the name I have given my S12 when the shit hits the fan misery is what I will bring

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My name is a mythological creature from the neath.... What a minute... It's my real name. :lolol: I got mixed up when I registered and reversed the names. I actually meant for MikeD :ph34r: to be my screen name here but now it is my log in name.

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Found this by accident while doing a search and I couldn't help myself to resurrect this for new members. :shame:



JumiKuula is JamShot when translated, and I've revealed it before but here goes again:


I started IPSC with P19 Tanfoglio and that piece of junk made constantly all the failures you can come up with. So, jamming pistol --> JamShot. It followed me as pistol kept jamming but nowadays hardly anyone recalls because jams are gone, thanks to Glock. ;)



-JumiKuula aka JamShot

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Nailbomb was a nickname i was going to give a rat rod i had dreamed up. But i havn't gotten any further on it than getting the engine and trans... hell the avatar image came from looking for parts for the engine.


I was searching for parts to a 66 buick nailhead and this poor sap got 6 nails in his head...


google is funny like that.

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Mine is a play on the Mozambique Drill.


From Wiki:


The Mozambique Drill is a firearms technique. It instructs the shooter to place a double-tap in the center of mass, followed by a deliberate target assessment, then a carefully aimed, follow-up, head shot. The third shot should be aimed to destroy the brain, killing the target and thereby preventing the target from retaliating.


I figure a 3 tap with a 12ga would stop just about anything from moving. Fly, meet sledgehammer.

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Wotan = German version of the Norse God Odin. Even have his symbol tattooed on my back. Been using it online for as long as I can remember, Odin was always taken by somebody else first, and I'm part German so it works for me :P



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well the scout part comes from how i was in scouting (assistant scoutmaster now they tell me they won't let me go ) and i'm joe...so ya that is where that part came in.


the girl was the first "gun girl" of our group and the best looking....so instead of say me holding one of my guns i snagged a pic of her :angel:


All this time I thought it was a photo of you! Couldn't figure why you liked the ladies?


(sorry_ i owe you a cold one)

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Years back, at the OEM that I worked, dick head dropped a bolt down in a pump in a papermill, mill was due to be back up and running from a week shut down and everybodies ass was puckered because they would loose production, I asked the mill manager to let me try and get it out, he asked how, and when I told him he went ape shit, so I told him, OK, take the pump out of line, put it on a truck and send it to the shop in B'ham. The pump wieghed in at 32,000 lbs. and had 18" inlets on each end. After he called my boss, I signed a waiver, my company agreed to not hold them liable, they did 10000 lock outs. They tied my feet to the overhead crain, and slowly lowed me head first down into the pump. One arm sticking out front, the other tucked down by my side, and flashlight stuck in my mouth. I came up with so much crap, they had me check the 4 other pumps, and even signed off on my time sheet for 2 full days extra pay. One of the guys at the shop when I returned home got pissed about the extra pay and started calling me "you fucking Termite". It stuck, even over the pa system, they'd holler Termite Line whatever.

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Mine is a combination of sorts:


MCAS = Marine Corps Air Station

xxxSgt = My current rank

New River = my current duty station.


Add it all up and you get MCASgt New River.


Semper Fi!

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I survived a sport skydive from 15,000 feet after I managed to smack the ground without the benefit of an open parachute.


The guys in my F-16 squadron - never known for their mercy - called me Bounce after that. The name stuck.

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