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Here we go again

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I notice that the pic'd weapon has the addon PG/Stock....Does he mention anywhere that it's 922 compliant??

If it's not..that could cause a world a shit for the buyer If some nosey Field agent happen to get on his case & Etc..Etc...

Stay Safer!

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According to the description, the stock and handguard are both Russian, and from the pic, the FCG hasn't been changed. I emailed the guy about a similar .308 he was selling. His reply:

Reading sec 922 and 923, the Saiga's were never on the ban list. Sec


expressly allows it's import. Check with BATFE.

Again, caveat emptor!

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Hmmm..well...all I got to say is ..Whoever buys it..better check with his FFL dealer that he will be able to release it to ya...because..I sold one toa guy in LA State..that WAS absolutely 922 compliant...but still wouldn't release it to the buyer till I sent all the Documentation naming all the 922 parts..even with all that..his local Sheriff told em it was illegal as hell & was considered a "MACHINEGUN'..the Hi Sheriffs own words......I had to send a ATF agent to his office to school him on GUN Laws concerning the Saiga......You'd have thought I sent a tactical nuke......& I went thru a world a shit gett'n it released.....Even with all the laws explained to the parish Knopwitall..he still considered it illegal...Until I sent him a letter from a legal Eagle stating he was about to be billed for all the shipping & re-shipping.....

Another thingis..I don't think thats a good deal on it anyways.....Unless there's a lot more done to it than what shows in the pic..

The only way I'd buy one like that is face to face in the same state..& in a FREE State that doesn't consider guns that can shoot 30 gungrabb'n politicians a second as evil..... :lolol:

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I'm all for capitalism and everything, but this guy is an asshole! $799.00 for a stock Saiga that he spent ten minutes putting a stock on. WTF!

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I posted about a .308 this guy was selling, looks like he's branching out:


Buyer beware.


When will people ever learn to stop stepping on their respective d**ks??? An assault weapon has a select fire option. These ARE NOT ASSAULT "WEAPONS," or even "weapons," rather they are simple family-style sporter firearms for sporting activities. Why would anyone want to fuel the political jagoffs that want to take away our simple sporting and home-defense firearms.

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love to see people get away with felonies on the internet, especially with guns....what a shame.

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