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Hey, guys. I am a police officer in Florida and I just recently purchased a Saiga 12C from Kalashnikov USA. It's a cool gun and I took it out to the non-law enforcement "action shotgun" match that the local range does every Thursday. It was a big hit with the other guys there and it was a lot of fun to shoot although one of the 8-round mags was a lemon. I shipped it back to Kalashnikov USA for a replacement. I ordered a TACM III weaponlight for it and will be installing that soon. When I get the money saved, I hope to install a laser with pressure pad.


I have read a lot of your posts about "assault weapons" and such. From what I know, I don't see why a thumbhole stock would be a problem on a Saiga 12. I was suprised that they weren't being imported like that. I guess Saiga configured them the way they did as to not draw attention to themselves by importing a "scary" looking shotgun.


As far as the 8-round magazine thing (the magazines actually work just as well with 9 rounds in them, so that's usually how I load them), the language of the "assault weapons" ban sounds to me like civilians should be able to own detatchable mags of a capacity up to ten (more than that would meet the "high capacity magazines" criteria of the ban). For some reason, however, my 8-rounders are stamped "LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY". Funny thing, though, the stamp is painted on, not chisled into the plastic. Could this be a clue that thousands of unstamped 8-rounders are waiting, ready to flood the market as soon as the ban sunsets?

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Wish I could say the same. Lucky bum!!! Id buy IT!!!I have wanted one since I seen em. Im active Military I wouldnt mind one I wonder if I can own one?!?

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As for the restrictions on the AW ban shotguns, the same thing applies to them that does on a rifle.


From: http://www.gunnerynetwork.com/assault_weap...-ban-facts.html


The law defines firearms as "assault weapons" by one or both of two methods: name and description. [18 U.S.C. 921(a)(30)]. All told, the law affects more than 175 semi-automatic rifles, pistols and shotguns and revolving cylinder shotguns a cross-section of firearms of various sizes, shapes, and calibers/gauges. Under the law, the term "semiautomatic assault weapon" means:


any of the firearms, or copies or duplicates of the firearms in any caliber, known as: Norinco, Mitchell, Poly Technologies Avtomat Kalashnikovs (all models); Action Arms I.M.I. UZI and Galil; Beretta AR-70 (SC70); Colt AR-15; Fabrique Nationale FN-FAL/LAR, and FNC; SWD M-10, M-11, M-11/9, and M-12; Steyr AUG; Intratec TEC-9, TEC-DC9, and TEC-22; and revolving cylinder shotguns, such as (or similar to) the Street Sweeper and Striker 12;


a semi-automatic shotgun that has at least two of the following:

1) a folding or telescoping stock;

2) a pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon;

3) a fixed magazine in excess of five rounds;

4) and an ability to accept a detachable magazine.


So without the pistol grip, you can have the 8 round mags without restriction. In order to put a pistol grip on an un-restricted shotgun (meaning LEO/dealers sample), you must add 10 US made parts, just like on the rifles. I think the reason wholesalers wont sell mags to the public is the confusion over the 5rd mag thing. But as you can clearly see, that applies to FIXED magazines.

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I recall reading on the ATF site somewhere that a thumbhole stock IS considered a pistol grip type device, if you can believe that.

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I have seen them come out on individual pieces and rule them that way, but not a blanket ruling. Hell, they are the damned fools that wanted a thumbhole stock, now since things are not going their way they want to change it to include the thumbhole as a pistol grip TOO? Screw them. I will have my FFL until the ban runs out, I'll just stamp them all LEO/dealer samples and they can piss off.

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damn M, was that your first post here?


Ah,, BBS rule i tell ya.


did you tell the rest about the soccer mom you were pretending to be, and caused the first shitstorm here!




damn cops i tell ya!

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