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Picked up a new toy Thursday...

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Well... I have been wanting one for a while now... Seemed to be the BEST BANG FOR MY BUCK...This one ran me $7,200 all said and done so I was legal...


It is in sweet condition... although it had a few little tweaks I needed to work on... but that made it fun... Buy it cheap and fix it up a tiny bit to have a good bargain in the long run!! :up: :up:


I spent an extra couple hundred on it, now its worth closer to $10K... :lol::up: :up: :lol:


A nice new rifle? a new F/A machine gun??? I wish... unfortunately... it was just basic transportation...


I have been researching my new car purchase for several weeks now... trying to determine what to buy, what looks nice, what will perform, good mileage, good warranty, good owner satisfaction, what to look for in a model, what to steer clear from, and honestly... opinions of people I see driving this or that... I would actually ask people in parking lots getting out of their vehicle, that I was in the market, and wondered exactly what they thought of what they were currently driving... Very quickly I was on the Hyundai bandwagon... I know several people that own one, including my father... and *ALL* of them have had nothing but the best of praise for them... so... I decided to get one too...


It is a cute little 2003 Hyundai Sonata. V6, almost loaded...just no leather, and no power seats... but power EVERYTHING else... including the power moonroof! (they used to be SUNROOF's in my day... when did THAT change?!?!?)


It is far from perfect, although the interior looks like it is...but for the price, I made some concessions as its about 40% under book value! I DID have to replace some minor things. ( minor to ME anyways... )


2 lowbeam headlight bulbs, $20.00 for the pair... one was blown, and one was dim...


The power antenna was broke, a new one ran me $40.00, put that in tonight... works awesome.


It was leaking oil, and needed an oil change... $4.00 for the filter, and $15.00 for the Castrol GTX Semi synthetic oil... 5 quarts! ( OH.... heres some trivia for you... FRAM recalled all their oil filters for Hyundai Sonatas... WHY??? THEY LEAKED!!!!! Guess what kind of filter this one had? guess where the oil leak was??? yeppers...it had a FRAM... I replaced it with a purolater... NO MORE LEAK! )


I have a K&N Air filter on order for it... that will be in on Tuesday... 15- 20% increase in HP!!


It just has a small dent just left of the grille... and a tiny one along the edge of the hood... hard to see unless you are actually looking for them... and personally... I like function over appearance... maybe a small fenderbender? probably... more likely a deer... its fixed up decently, and doesnt look bad... again.. ya gotta LOOK for it to see it.


It runs like a top... its smooth as silk when it shifts... its got some decent get up and go when ya step on it... and the AC is *COLD*.


The wife loves it... and I like it too... any other Hyundai owners out there??? How much do you like yours?!?!?










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you good mileage gettin' bastard!


im stuck feeding gas to my dakota. its a THIRSTY mofo. but i didn't have to plow my driveway last year, just threw 'er in 4... there, now i feel better about getting 14-16 mpg... no i dont... you good mileage gettin' bastard!

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I'm a proud Elantra driver and I think you'll be very happy with it. The success of my Elantra convinced the lady's family to help her get a Tiburon.


You'll all hate me if I tell you the gas mileage I get. :D

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I drive a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon GTV6, and my wife's car is a 2003 Hyundai Elantra GT.....



Hyundai's have come a long way in america......


"Favorite car of gun owner's".....???



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It could be... since they are inexpensive... we get more money to spend on guns... and with the fuel economy savings, there's the cash for the AMMO! :lol: LOL




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