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Couple pics of my S 308-1 with BRG3 wood

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:super: Here are a couple pics of my 308 with the walnut furniture from BRG3- the finish is pretty good for my first attemp but I should have tried a 'slurry' approach that was recommended for filling in some grain issues on the forend-is not completely smooth.


I have shot it and it feels good overall but I need to find a thin rubber recoil pad to replace the hard plastic one BR supplied. I have also found that it is little too long for me,hoping the recoil pad will fix it,otherwise may have to-ugh-contact BR about trying to cut about an inch off the back of it.......I do like the way it looks and will be trying a bipod out on it when possible. One thing- it sure seems longer and larger than my STG58,but I put them side to side and the oal is essentially the same,the FN is just 'thinner'!

I tried the 'paint in the markings' thing with a gray paint marker and it came out ok,still have a little paint to cleanup-see pic.

Hope you like the pics and comment




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Don't sell yourself short on the finish job. We can always think of ways to do better, but I think you did great.


Regarding shortening the stock, I believe it could be done, though some refinishing would be needed on your part. The buttpad would also be moving upward along the lines of the bottom of the stock.


Alternatively, if you think 1/4 inch or so would do it, I could probably just shorten the buttpad.

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:smoke: Hey BR how are you doing? Hope all is well with you! I am going to try shooting the rifle a couple more times and get a final feel for the stock. I am definitely going to need to swap out the buttpad for a rubber one(recoil hurts a little after 50 rounds) and i am hoping to find a rubber one that is about 1/4-1/2" thick. Will see how the fit is, otherwise I may need almost an inch off the length,guess the stock length works for me,I think my arms are short!

I have never had any problems with the stock length AK stocks-I am 5'10".

If i have to send it back to you I may also need some relief countouring done around the grip area-you know,like the factory wood stock-I have small hands-seems alright now but I need to put on some gloves for cold weather and shoot it ,then see what I need. I know I will have to do refinishing work so no worries there-that is price you have to pay for custom work!!

The rifle does look much better now! Again thank's for the job you did for me.

How is your work load on stocks right now,still backed up? I still need to figure out what to do about 1-2 of my rifles,may need to ship off a forend to you for a quote or 2. What kinds of wood do you have in stock right now?




Looks very classy. How is the reach to the trigger and the new angle? John
Hi John,welcome to the forum-The angle seems great along with the trigger reach. the issue I have right now is that I have small hands-shit I know women with bigger hands than me and they are shorter than I am!!! I may need to send the stock back to BR and pay him for doing some contouring work and shortening the pull on it a bit, but I will take it to the range again first. I also need to get a different scope mount that centers the scope -and another scope- shoot it and see what I need to modify. I can whole heartedly recommend BR for wood work though.
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Very nice stock. I really like it, alot. I'd like an upgrade on my 22" 308.


I am wary of converting both of my 308's to something that's eventually going to be deemed illegal, so I'm liking the upgraded sporter look very much.


Fill me in, how much, and how long would it take?


Sets for the S-308 would start at $130 shipped for absolute base (1kSon's set has various options). Estimated turnaround times are looking like 2 months give or take. I'm always happy to keep up communication on progress.


Oh, and BTW, such a set would fit a 16" Saiga as well as a 22" ;)

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:smoke: hey, I think I would like to get a 16" 308 and have the same style furniture on it.... mAYBE I can do a ftf in AZ in DEC at the SAR/Crossroads show.

Hey headshot-just a 'primer', if you get ready to buy a 22" -er and want to sell one of the 16"-ers 'keep me in mind'!

Right now the SAIGA is a :unsure: 'borderline AW- It is not an AW in KOMMIEFORNIA because it has no 'evil traits' yet it MAY BE due to it using an AK action but is also in 308 and NOT in X39. Like I said before, the worthless POSs at the DO(IN)J are making a new list up where they have to ban by name and model, cannot due a 'style ban'. I believe that since the rifle cannot accept-ahem- more than 8 round mag,the TG is modified and it has std furniture on it, I am ok,at least that is my position and arguement...... :angel::rolleyes: I figure-put a nice scope on it,have nice wood on it,no caamo,rail stuff, I am good to go at the range. like to see them try to shove an AK mag :eek: in it or ANY military 20-er and PROVE it is an AW :eek::lolol::ded::haha:


Thank you for the compliment on the finish headshot.you also' $1 and a quarter'


regarding installing the forend-you do not use the factory hardware-the woodjust fits snugly around the gas port. One more thing-I did have to grind down the rear pin on the gas port becuse it was interferring with the wood....

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Posting to this old thread to give a fellow Californian a heads up. Saigas imported by EAA or RAAC are unlisted and legal to own and as of 1/1/07 the assault weapon list can't be added to. Thank you NRA. On the other hand Saigas imported by Kalashnikov-USA are listed as assault weapons and had to be registered as such by 1/1/00. Of course SB23 compliance still applies. Hate to see someone get in trouble without knowing it.

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