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Geez..... I haven't shown this. Me, last February and five months later after a 92 lb weight loss. Strictly diet and excersize. No surgery. I went from a size 46 pants to a 36. 3x shirt to a Lg or Xl

Couldn't resist Drew. Hope you like it.  


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Me and my Nephew(future shooter, already has a 10/22 with an archangel conversion. His mom (my older sis) passed away on Dec. 24th, 2008.


Here's me in Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6: Vegas 2 for XBOX360022.gif


Me in my Ghillie with my Saiga 308ph34r.gif



My pitbull that is the coolest nicest (just don't come to my house unannounced) dog on the planet.


I'm glad to be a part of the Family that is forum.saiga-12.com. All you old timers better be nice to us youngsters. The seasoned veteran shooters around my parts (Northern California) Take one look at my tattoos and Band T-shirts and my Saiga 308 and immediately write me off as some punk kid that is just going to bring a bad name to shooters everywhere. I feel the love here for shooters of all shapes, colors and sizes. 027.gif Keep shootin' and sharin' the knowledge.

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Just a couple pics of Mrs. J that I wanted to share....

Your wife is a very attractive lady, you are a lucky guy!

Thanks, Bill! for a fat tattooed Jarhead, God has blessed me more than I deserve....

She likes guns and Samurai swords to boot!!!

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This is us before heading out to see COC playing in Raleigh.






Me and Shannon before COC.jpg


Ya know... I always imagined "Racegal" was about 5' tall... SO... UMMM... who is the little kid shes standing next to??? Cause umm... He needs to SHAVE! :lol:




Just bustin on ya!



Thats a nice lookin pic of the both of you!! :up:





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