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Geez..... I haven't shown this. Me, last February and five months later after a 92 lb weight loss. Strictly diet and excersize. No surgery. I went from a size 46 pants to a 36. 3x shirt to a Lg or Xl

Couldn't resist Drew. Hope you like it.  


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damn a picture with DR. NO.... bad ass, where did you meet him? ive been to a couple rallies but never had the pleasure of meeting him!



.Jekyll Island where the Federal Reserve was created..he was the keynote speaker for the Mises Convention entitled End the Fed...Im a Jekyll Island native

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Sorry I didn't reply earlier about my new look. I took a piece of sheet metal the size of a bed sheet to the skull at work. They promoted the desk jockey that ordered that shit steel. They made me take one day off. I would have been there otherwise.

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a couple of new ones.. Lorie "did my hair".. we were laughing so hard we HAD to share...

I look like an old fat and ugly bearded cupie doll...


Me with my new stick from of Mike Blackgrave of SEAMOK



me, my rex kwon do pants and my rescued pup Brisco..



I just ordered a coupe luchador mask to go with my pants...

I LOVE self employed dress code...

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