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Tactical lantern a-question?

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Advise, the Internet shop in the USA where it is possible to buy a tactical lantern.

Yours faithfully Alexey.

For the best, check out http://www.surefire.com/maxexp/main/co_dis...br/16/sesent/00

Find what you want and then shop for price.


Are you wanting a weapon mounted system or personal light? A less expensive weapon mounted system is the Streamlight TLR-2 on Ebay -


Hope this helps.



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I got a pistol grip with an integral flashlight from mako tactical. it has a trigger on the pistol grip, which actuates the button on the end of any 1" flashlight (I use a surefire g2). maybe it is lower quality than surefire versions, but it has held up really well on my saiga. so far I have only shot about 100-125 rounds of 2 3/4 buckshot with it attached, but I have had no problems. it only cost me about 100$ new including the surefire flashlight. you could also go with the good old fashoned 1" scope rings and a surefire g2, and spend less then 40$. this all assumes that you have a rail on your handguard.

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How many such lantern costs in the USA?


Depends. That is a pretty nice setup with the rechageable batteries and all. The quality of the light is the big thing. A light that flies apart after 10 shots is not worth the money, even if it was close to free.


Oh I forgot to mention Digilight. I hear they are pretty robust and they do not cost a lot.


tactical lights here can run from about $20 to well over $600 (Surefires alone range from $35 to over $600). It is all in the construction, design, power, and what you want your light to do.


I just noticed that light is a Ledwave brand light. They are prety new around here and I have not heard much about them. I have ssen and handled them, but no first hand accounts on how they hold up. I searched for the "ZR-1" model and only came up with the site you posted. I don't think that model is availible here. I did see a "Z-1" which is a handheld powered with CR123 batteries. It can be had for about $45, but is not rechargeable and does not have the long gun accessories (like the mount and pressure switch) so that is a pretty bad comparison. In fact I cannot find any of their rechargeables for sale here.

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