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Picture Post,lets see your 7.62x39

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noticed that i never updated it with the brake installed. also barely visible in all that clutter is the polytac peeking out on the left side

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Haven't owned an AK-pattern rifle since back in the 1990's, but I found a stock 20", 2000-manufacture 7.62x39 Saiga in a pawn shop a couple of months ago, and couldn't resist. After a bit of tinkering, this is what she looks like:




The tally (so far):

Russian wood and sling
Bulgarian gas block, FSB and AKM gas tube
East German ribbed cover
Romanian cleaning rod
US trigger, disconnector and hammer
US pistol grip
US forearm upper
US muzzle brake
US peep sight
Korean mag w/ US-made floorplate.

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Current  2020. production Saiga MK 103 / M3EXP-01 for European market. Semiauto only, fires with stock folded, factory screw in type bullet guide and mag catch to except standard AK mags and Saiga mags also. Chrome lined bore and chamber, barrel, gas block and muzzle brake. Only difference from original AK 103 except semiauto fire is sporter type rear sight with 300 meter aperture.

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Added Magpul MOE AK SL pistol grip in FDE, Armacon QD swivel adapter plate, sling is made by Ginger Tactical and is copy of Specter Gear Recon 2 point sling for H&K G3/ PTR 91 rifle with added  Armacon QD sling swivel.

Edited by tAKtical operator CRO

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ZenitCo B-10U lower and B-19N upper handguard in desert tan
Magpul RVG in FDE
Magpul MOE AK SL pistol grip in FDE
Armacon QD adapter plate
copy of Specter Gear Recon 2 point sling made by Ginger Tactical in genuine Multicam fabric with added Armacon QD sling swivel.


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