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Quad Stack AK Rifle mags (Rifles Only)

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Since the other two threads got wasted, I'm starting a new thread to discuss quad-stack AK rifle mags. There will be no discussion of Quad-stack Saiga 12 mags, this thread is for rifles only.


Pics and Info:















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The quad stack magazine was probably most widely used in the 1984 designed Italian Spectre M-4 submachine gun. It is also the only double action submachine gun ever made. It was also imported into the U.S. in a semi-auto version in 9mm, 40SW, and .45 ACP. The 9mm magazine was a quad stack affair, while the 45 was a double stack. I am not sure about the 40 mag.



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Quad S-12 mag anyone? :devil:


Do a search of Destructive Device or DD and see what you find. The S-12, S-20 and S-410 don't need the exposure (although, from what I've read so far the S-12 is really the one at risk). That is why this thread is titled "Quad Stack AK Rifle mags (Rifles Only)".

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hey KY soldier.... where are you at in KY???

I'm in lex, and would love to see those mags, is there any way that you can take pics of the followers in them for me?


Hey sorry I didn't see your question till just now. I haven't bought any coffin mags. Stony Creek is selling them to fit their new upper for M11/9s but I got suomi drums that also fit.

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Here are some more tidbits from Tantal's site about the Quad stack... http://www.avtomats-in-action.com/pro18.html



"These last few images show a unique and rare view of the plastic 5,45x39mm 60-round "quad" magazine developed by Izhmash for the AK-74M and derivatives. It is said there are only a few of these in existence, but the fact it is fully operation and is on hand for live fire exercises with future clients, business partners, military representatives and so on, must mean they are no doubt fully developed and meet combat reliability requirements. It may only be a short while before we see these in the hands of CIS forces."


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