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Gas tube installed weaver mount for Saigas

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Not a news but may be useful for someone


Here is reply from ultimak.com about gas tube weaver mounts for Saigas.

At least they're on it.


I've already told them about 3" shells and actual gas port regulator positions just in case.


======= quote on ===

> We currently have a Saiga .410 and a Saiga 20 gauge on order for the purpose of

> optic mount development. If this goes well, we may produce a mount for the 12

> ga.. Recoil will not be a problem. As I understand, these shotguns will not

> feed the three inch "magnum" shells. We have several other projects in

> progress, and we would like to further explore the Saiga 12.


> Best Regards,


> Lyle Keeney

> UltiMAK

> http://www.ultimak.com

======= quote off ===

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Yeah, except for the heat issues. I would not mount any optics on the gas tube or barrel. But I would be happy to throw a length of rail on the receiver cover and mount it there. After the first few shots you could zero it, and even when you remounted the cover it would settle in very close to the natural point of rest. After a few shots it will be back on target.

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I also sent "heat issue" question to Lyle Keeney from Ultimak. I agreed with his point. But my agreement is theoretical due to no practical use of this mount. Anyway when it comes to production I definitely will try to buy and approve it, because I consider my present solution (below) not quite good.





Here it goes




Dear Paul,


Regarding the heat issue. First, nearly all the heat entering the mount comes

from the barrel. Few people realize this. The gas tube does not get

particularly hot. You can test this yourself by firing 30 rounds as fast as you

can, then feel the barrel temperature compared to the gas tube.




Second, keep in mind that a barrel mounted optic is nothing new. The "heat

issue" with the AK comes from the fact that so many people view the AK as a high

volume firing weapon, because of its origin as an automatic, and because of its

30 round magazine. When we are talking about a semiautomatic being used for

aimed fire-- the only purpose for installing an optic, we are NOT dealing with

what we in America call "spray and pray" (firing as fast as possible in the

direction of the target and "praying" for a hit). In practical shooting we are

dealing with one, to three or four shots at most, in order to defend one's

self. In organized Practical Shooting matches, you can expect to fire

approximately 15 to 30 rounds, then wait for another 'turn' which will be from 5

to 10 minutes, depending on the number of competitors. This kind of deliberate,

aimed fire will never get an AK particularly hot.


That being said, we have tested an AK over three years, firing more than 5,000

rounds with the same UltiMAK mount and Aimpoint Comp ML sight. On many

occasions, we have emptied a 75 round drum, rapid fire, followed by one or two

30 round magazines. This gets the barrel smoking hot, and the mount will be too

hot to touch without experiencing pain. Getting this rifle this hot, time after

time, has never interfered with our ability to shoot, nor has it resulted in

loss of zero or any other problem. Nor has any customer ever told us of any

problem with an optic sight that resulted from excess heat.


Our AK mount is designed to have very little contact surface area on the barrel,

compared to its large radiating surface area. It also has been designed to

limit the cross sectional area, through which heat can reach the optic. Because

of these features, the mount will always be much closer to ambient temperature

than the barrel, and the optic will always be closer to ambient temperature than

the mount.


A few people have complained that since the mount gets hot, and because they

hold the rifle in such a way that their fingers are in constant contact with the

mount, they are 'burning' their fingers. I do not naturally hold a rifle such

that my fingers touch the mount, so this has never been as issue for me. In any

case, if one uses the rifle for deliberate, aimed fire, it will not get so hot

as to 'burn' one's fingers.


A long winded answer for a simple question, but I thought I should explain the

thinking behind our design, and the practical experience we have had in the



Best Regards,


Lyle Keeney





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He is right you know.... I dont know how many rounds Ive rapid fired out of the AK-type action clip after clip while plinking or whatever Im screwing around with and I dont ever recall being burned once by the gas port cylinder. The barrel, yeh, but the gas cyl? Nah.. I wouldnt worry about it. Remember that there is gas (even though its hot gas) flowing through that cylinder each time you cycle the action on the AK type because of the piston, and its also pulling air in behind it from the air around you. A barrel's heat is two things: the fire from the powder or whats left of it at any point, and bullet friction on the metal. you have no fire in the cyl, and i HOPE there isnt much if any friction on that gas rod. Makes sense if you think about it. The black tape you might want to replace tho with something more hi temperature. Id find something else for tactical lights if you have to use that tape. Maybe an extra foreend and epoxy? a little dremel action to sit it in there a little better?

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Hehe! You are in need of some CD cases? Lool at the picture closely!!! ZakherBakher said it was a fake a while back... :smoke:

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