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Picture Post, Lets see your Saiga 12!

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Lets see your 12's! Mild to Wild! Lets try and get a post in some of the caliber forums showing your gun and a list of the mods you have done. I know alot of the new members like to see what can be done to modify there Saigas. Lets try and have no replys, if you need to ask a question or ooo-ahh, email or PM the poster. Maybe these can be stickyed or put in the New Member/Tech section if it pans out over time. I have the pic posts started here,7.62x39 & .223 forums and will start one in the 308 forum when I get one of my 20rd mags :lolol: . Bear with me, I'm on medical leave and I'm board to tears!


Pointer this is a good idea for a dedicated picture thread but there are so many beautiful weapons being posted with so many different mods and options there are sure to be well deserved compliments and good questions that deserve answers. I think we should also start a sister thread just for that purpose. People can

copy and paste the posted gun or at least the post number for reference and put all comments and questions there. They can be stickied together... hmm that sounds funnt...lol.

If anyone has questions about how to post a pic, send me a PM and I will try and set you straight. we need to sticky that too really...



I agree.The reason for this thread is pure gun porn and a refurance to a posted guns mods.With no replys in this thread it stays real clean without ending up in twenty different derections.A sister thread would be great for the questions.




Ace Folding stock,internal block

G2 trigger group

Fal type grip

Halo forearm

UTG vertical grip

OKO Red dot site

Surefire 9P Flashlight with shockproof bezil & pressure switch

Vitor quick release light mount

Blackhawk CQD sling

CQD front sling mount

Jerics LRBHO & Extended mag release

Ar Bayonet/Lug soldered to barrel..Overkill I know, but still pissed about the old AWB

Barrel cut to 18 1/2"

Polished bolt

8&10rd mags

Broken bank account!

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6-1/2" evlblksbs  

In its final form:  

My daughter does modeling and she did a shoot this week with firearms. I let her borrow my Saiga.  

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This should be a good topic to make my first post in. I've been reading this forum a LOT since my registration. The FAQ has been a big help for me, so I gotta say thanks! :)


Anyway, here's mine.




It's pretty mild, but it'll suit my needs.


IZ-109 S-12 (19" threaded barrel)

NATO length KVAR stock

Tapco SAW grip

Tapco AK Galil handguard

Dinzag lower handguard adapter


Buffer Technologies buffer

AGP 10 round mags


I'll probably get one of Tony's cool shark brakes someday. B)


I was planning on sending the shotgun to Tromix, but the more & more I learned, I discovered that I was capable of doing the conversion myself. I'm a mechanic and have all the tools to do it.


I own several AK's, but this is the first time that I've ever gotten deep into one, meaning removing the FCG & such. It's really easy to do all of it.


It's a lot of fun to shoot. I think every AK fan should consider purchasing a S-12.



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Wow talk about big shoes to fill...


Here's my favorite gun for now, the AKS-12. :smoke:




Some older pics:










Originally...K- USA S-12 00' model with BHO and 19" threaded bbl.



Bulgarian Blonde 4 piece furniture conversion (the FIRST! :haha: ) Autographed by TED NUGENT :super:

Modified Saiga 12 gas tube

Bulgarian lower HG retainer (modified)

Bulgarian cleaning rod

Bulgarian RSB (heavily modified and "welded" to trunnion)

Yugo sight leaf with flip up night sights)

Bulgarian FSB (custom made in Bulgaria and drilled for Korsak laser to shine thru)

Tromix custom AK 74' style brake (modified to lock in with detent)

Tromix custom bayo lug (modified to hold cleaning rod)

Tromix gas piston

Hotbarrel bolt carrier extension

G-2 double hook FCG polished to less than 3 lb pull

Custom made trigger guard (modified Bulgarian) riveted in place

Custom made selector stop :devil: (shaped like a skull and polished)

Custom made TWO OF A KIND LRBHO, another first! :smoke: (the other one's in my tactical S-12)

Pistonring8 bead blasted and polished bolt carrier

Blackjack green buffer

Izhmash 2 rd, 5 rd, & 8 rd mags (one 8 rdr with cutout window)

AGP 10 rd mags

Bulgarian AK Sling


Optional accessories:

Rail and tac light

Kobra red dot sight

M7 bayonette

Full set of factory choke tubes

Paradox rifled choke

Factory Izhmash Flash Supressor

Tromix Shark brake

Polychoke threaded for S-12 barrel

Korsak laser (mounts in place of gas regulator)

Bulgarian grenade launching butt pad (do not use on this kind of stock, see what it did!)

Buffertech mag cinches




My second favorite shotgun, the tactical S-12 :wub:





EAA 04' model S-12 with 19" threaded barrel and BHO

Factory stampings painted in white with red "Fire" setting

Ace folder with 1" recoil pad and exterior adapter block

Izhmash Orthopedic PG

Russian Tactical Forearm (custom vent slots by me)

Russian folding vertical forward grip

Russian clamp on elevated front sight from Rusmilitary

Custom rear sight made from Glock pistol sight cut and fitted to old Saiga sight rib base

Digi Light zenon tac light

Johnny McEldoo door breaching FH

Pistonring8 beadblasted and polished bolt carrier

Jeric's extended mag release lever

Saiga TG drilled and riveted in place

Tapco G-2 single hook FCG (polished to less than 3 lb pull)

Blackjack green buffer

Bulgarian AK sling

Custom made LRBHO :super:

Izhmash 2 rd, 5 rd, & 8 rd mags

AGP 10 rd mags

+2 rd mag extension that fits on ALL my mags :smoke:


not shown:

Kobra red dot sight

Aimpoint reflex sight and Belarus side mount


Factory Camo S-12

22" full choked barrel and matching mag.



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IMG_1652_resize.jpg IMG_1651_resize.jpg


1, Tromix conversion w/ Ace folder and cheekrest, Russian tactical vented handguard and vertical handgrip, tactical light, Russian FSB, Tromix shark compensator.

2. Stock S12 with Halo quad rail, AGP mag.

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Am I the only one who connects at 18kbps? My dialup just puked 3 times.

Outta respect for all the rednecks out in the sticks, I'm only posting one pic...for now.



Basic conversion w/G2 innards.

U.S. made gas piston - by me

Notched Safety lever for BHO.

Manual BHO installed - made by Jeric

Tactical Mag Release - made by Jeric

Bolt Carrier bead blasted - pistonring8

U.S. made pistol grip - by BattleRifleG3

Romy laminate buttstock & HG's.

(removed phallic VPG and made into bulges on lower HG)

Chopped 22" barrel back to 19"

AK-74 styled Brake - Tromix

Custom Yugo flip-up raised front sight welded to Tonys brake - me

AKM Rear sight block mod with quick detachable gas tube - me


All the mods are fully detailed in the link in my sig line below...

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My house gun (aka the Big Russian Hammer):



DIY conversion with:


FSE US-made trigger group

Blackjack SWIFT safety lever (not shown)

VLTOR receiver extension & stock

Connector stub for ASP single-point sling

Russian bolt-on front sight tower

Champion Gunsights tritium front sight post

Surefire weaponlight on a Laser Devices barrel mount

OEM 8-round magazine

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Well here's mine. Quite standard compared to some maybe. Has a Warsaw pact stock, TDI pistol grip, Rusmilitary flash hider and fore sight, ex WWII Mauser rear sight, Jerics LRBHO (and very good it is too!) and also his mag release extension (ditto). Barrel is back to the legal minimum here of 24" including the flash hider. Plus the Buffer Technology mag clinch


And I just love it!


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Cool idea!

Ok, picture may not be the best (enlarge it), and it doesn't compare to some of the others, but I did it.........well Cobra vented my forearm.


-Tapco saw grip and T6 stock with an a recoil pad from AIM (don't remember manufacture). Doesn't really reduce recoil but is more comfortable.

-Bulgarian triggerguard and selector stop.

-Tapco trigger group

-Tromix shark brake

-Arclite JR has pressure switch (came with a barrel clamp for $5 from AIM)

-Russian folding vertical grip

-Forearm with weaver rail attached from pointer, modified by Cobra....vents and moved sling swivel to the side. Thanks dude!

-Green blackjack buffer

-Black AK sling


And coaching from Dinzag!


This site has great people with loads of knowlege. I'm glad I found it. My wife and bank acount on the other hand.............. :ded:

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Here is most of my black collection. It is an old pic and is missing my tromix shorty. It is decked out. And missing the agp mags. I'll try to get a pic of it up. And a better pic of everything else. 6 Saiga-12's and 8rd mags in the pic, 3 converted, 3 unconverted. The rest of the guns was to take space.

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here is mine tdi hand guard moded to fit. then I broke and had to mod again. home made hand guard retainer. nato k var stock. fore grip ergo pistol grip centery trigger group agp mag and 2 5 round mags. I will be installing the sks gas tube cover later this week i need to mod the sight rail some more


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The first one has a CobraVented Russian tactical forend, G2 FCG, Ace cut the dang tang and folder, fiber optic green bead, Rico light, Tromix gas piston and a BJB. My backup now sports a T-6 stock not shown in the photo and also has a CobraVented Russian tactical forend, G2 FCG, fiber optic green bead, Tromix gas piston and a BJB. Both of them will have Jeric's LRBHO installed very soon as well.



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My Red Jacket with HALO. Just got in my Shark Break and still need to add a "real" reflex site.

just like so many others out there-a work in progress.


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..........Here's my second TROMIX S-12. First one is still at Tony's evolving into a TROMIX SBS.....Pictures when it comes in.......post-3950-1168922153_thumb.jpg


First one's still not in my hands, but there it is as my avatar......courtesy of Tony @ TROMIX !!!!

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Didn't want to post until I had the 10rndrs installed, enough procrastinating....


Generic, DIY "Bolt-on" stuff...If nothing else, an example of easy stuff anybody can do.


Halo Rail,


ACE SOCOM w/internal hinge block,

TROMIX piston,

TROMIX Shark Brake,

TDI grips,

Tango Down rail covers w/ pressure switch indentations,

Eotech 552 holosight

Loads of assistance and patience from Cobra and others to guide me through....






Respectfully posted,


Guido2 in Houston

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