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Picture Post, Lets see your Saiga 12!

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Custom Build Saiga 12. Duracoat finish (Desert Tan/Flat Black)


MagPul CTR Stock

CAR Gas Tube, custom build from solid billet for extra weight/balance/recoil reduction

DOCTER 7 MOA Red Dot Sight

Ultimak Sight Rail

Hogue Pistol Grip w/custom mount

Barrel cut back to 18" and RemChokes installed

Custom Barrel Porting

Bolt Carrier/Bolt Machined and Blended for reliability

Bolt Assembly is Hard Chromed

All internals radiused/blended for reliability, extractor tuned

Recoil system tuned for Remington Light Target Loads

Gas ports enlarged

Custom Trigger guard built from .125 stock

Custom Mag Release (Aluminum)

Custom Mag Well

2# trigger with custom machined trigger stop

Krebs Selector lever/safety


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Well, this is a picture of my Saiga-12 with my $1.50 stealth Shotgun case (from Goodwill) and carry pouch for 4 AGP Ten Round Magazines. I just finished it last night!



Here is a close-up of the SaigaTech Triggerguard that makes for a very clean and easy conversion to true AK configuration. You can also see the ATI Grip (US Made) and the 4 Allen head cap screws I used in place of the other commonly used methods. I think this solution adds strength to the folding stock retention block over the other methods. Thanks for this idea to who ever first posted it!




It took me quite a while to complete because I have spent a lot of time learning from the successes and mistakes of others. I am pretty obsessive about a project like this turning out right. Say what you want, there is something charming about a 12 gauge AK-47!


One of the problems is I was having to do most of it in the bathroom, and I did a lot of tuning things to improve the build. A lot of hand-fitting, blueprinting and polishing with Dremels, files, and hand drills. Building anything in a urban apartment is a pain in the ass. I am lucky that my beautiful fiancée is patient with all my tools strewn around the apartment while I work on this project.


In addition I have added Krebs FCG Retention plate to replace the factory "Shepherd's Crook", a Tapco G2 FCG, Krebs Ghost Ring rear sight and Kreb's AK Tower front sight, and Ace Folding Stock.


That of course is a AGP 10 round mag in there to hold me till the new 20 round MDArms Drum Mags arrive! :devil: I also decided on a ATI Strikeforce Pistol Grip, over the ErgoGrip. Both are USA made.


I have some more things I am going to do to it, but this is all for now. It is not as trick as some, but it is getting to be exactly what I wanted.


On this board I would like to thank both Cobra for his kind weekend tech support! Stimpsonjcat and Mike Davis for their excellent articles on improving the feed! I have yet to improve my "ramp" as per his instructions.


I would also like to thank Skiboatsp and Rocinante for technical and hands on assistance and Vjor for his 1st rate and detailed silver-soldiering expertise!


Remember, it takes a virtual village to build a Saiga!

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Current configuration:


Ultimak rail system with a Burris fastfire mounted. I also drilled and tapped the Ultimak to accept a Truglo fiber optic front sight. It was dead-on at 50m with slugs with the fiber optic.



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Just got my first Saiga12, been waiting for on my dealer's waiting list for almost a year.

picked this baby up last saturday. IZ109 19inch threaded barrel.

Cant wait to do the pistol grip conversion with a side folding stock

and add and sexy shark brake with some 10 round AGP mags.




pictured next to my AK pistol

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didnt use the bedspread this time as my backdrop....figured might as well show off another room of the house.



the brake on the s12 is one that the shop i work at produced. id try to pimp it here, but they are not yet a business contributor.



still a work in progress, figuring out how to make the front site lower to the gas tube....need to grind more off the bottom part of the rail.

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My baby, still in the rough, not sure that I'm done yet :)


My BHO fix to absolutely keep the gun from locking-up


My custom Vertical Foregrip


My Quick and dirty AR stock adaptor (looks crappy, but it'll work till I get time to build a better one)


Really bad pic of the Lyman folding sight I put on, came off of a spare 10-22 barrel, added Green fiberoptic inserts to it.


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Hi guys, finally got my Saiga back from Esteban. He did a great job as always and build me the perfect Saiga Shorty. He added the rail and HK sights and converted it to the 8" system (Plus all the other good stuff that he does) . He shipped it with the Flashhider to be in compliance with Hawaii law. I had my Form 1 waiting and took the hider off with not too much work. Looks perfect with the sharkbreak. Took about 7 month to get done, but it was well worth it. B)



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Here is my brand new Saiga-12K in it's factory config with Eotech 512:


And with a AGP Arms 10-rounder:



Damn i needed to file those AGP mags down a lot in order to fit them to magwell.

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Here is my Saiga-12 with very first version of my DIY muzzlebrake... It's with 430mm barrel


Is this ugly enough?



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M4 Socom stock

Ace Folding Mechanism

Ace Internal Receiver Block

Tapco G2 FCG

Tromix Shark Brake

CAA Ergo Grip

MD-20 Drum

not pictured are 2 AGP 10rd Mags

thanks everyone for all the great info about conversions....without yall i probably wouldnt have jumped into doing this myself


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Nothing special really, just the Russian folding stock and a bunch of Izhmash mags. I actually sold this Saiga and looking forward to picking up a new on here soon before the democrats blow up the universe. Sorry this really the only decent picture I have of my old S12.

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Just finished it other than waiting for my stock hinge ,Shark break,and Tromix forend. O and a scope rail for the EO-tech



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I've posted mine before but as there have been quite a few more mods I thought another picture was warranted.

This is what's been done, some by me but mostly my friend who is a very talented gunsmith.


1. barrel cut to our minimum legal length


3 Rus military flash hider

4 Added button to safety with over travel stop.

5 Jeric's LRBHO

6 Jeric's mag catch extension

7 Mauser rear sight where original dovetail was

8 AK stock

9 TDI pistol grip

10 Tromix fore end

11 MD20

12 new front foresight post to correct POA with mauser rear sight

13 PK AV red dot sight

14 most marks & stamps filed out


Finished in a military finish called Suncorite 259 which matched the original very closely. All in all I couldn't be happier with it.



I would like to thank kind friends in the US who sent me the fore end and the MD20. They know who they are and know they are appreciated!


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In the past we only used Mossberg 500's in order to deliver less lethal munitions for fugitive apprehension. Our factory Saiga 12 purchase was an initial disapointment based on the fact we could only cycle high load slugs properly. After a bit of work, we managed to alter our first saiga 12 to fuction flawlessly! We now use upgraded Saiga 12's instead of the Mossberg for all of our enforcement work!






1. Tromix Custom Front Barrel Shark Break

2. VeriForce Saiga 12 Barrel Shroud

3. Halo Quadrail W/ Duracoat Finish & UTG Rail Guards

4. SureFire G2 Tactical Light W/ Coiled Pressure Switch

5. Custom Built Tri Rail Extension Mount For Halo, 37mm Launcher & Tactical Light

6. 37mm Spike's Tactical Launcher - CS & Hornets nest delivery Use

7. Tromix Custom DIY Forward Mount Trigger Guard Kit

8. Tromix Modifed Custom Tapco Trigger Group

9. Tromix Internal Rifle Stock Block

10. ACE M4 Rear Colapsable Stock W/ Folding Push Botton Release

11. Custom Right Side Flush Install, Push Button Quick Release Tactical Sling Mount

12. Ace Modified AK Saw Grip With Rubber Grip Sleave

13. Custom Modified Izhmash Russian Tactical Magwell & Magazines

14. 3/32nd Over drilled & Modified Gas Ports & Block

15. Tromix Gas Piston

16. 1911 16lb. Recoil Spring Swap

17. Custom Installed, Abidexstrous Mag Release Extension

18. Full Internal Slide Mechanism & Trigger group Sanded, Smoothed, & Polished



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I'm currently stationed in Iraq, but right before I left this time I made sure to purchase myself a nice 19" S12 while they were still available. Since I've been out here I made a general Saiga/AK conversion powerpoint presentation and sent it to my buddy back home who's keeping all my guns safe...and without any prior AK-related work at all, after all the parts finally came in, he churned this out for me in a couple hours. Thanks to Dinzag and Tromix for such excellent products!!!



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Saiga IZ-109= DPH arms

Tri-rail= DPH arms

PG= Ergo grip

Stock= Bulgarian AK-74

VG/FL mount= Mako

FL= Surefire

FCG= modified G2

TG= AK-47

Red dot= Tru-Glo

Recoil pad= FSE

Mag= AGP (DPH)

Pin Retainer= Krebs



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